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Modern-day technology has revolutionized people’s lives in every conceivable aspect. Gambling is one of them, as online casinos started popping up on the internet. The next step for online casinos is to make the payment options more convenient, and that is where Zimpler Casino comes in. Zimpler offers one of the best and most innovative ways to make easy deposits into a casino in 2022 . Have a look at this updated list of casinos that accept Zimpler to make a deposit in 2022 .

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The payment method is considered the most important aspect of online gambling, as players tend to choose the one that fits their needs and preferences the most. Zimpler is one of the most popular online payment methods. In addition to a list of casinos that accept Zimpler to make a deposit. In this guide to the best Zimpler casinos in 2022 , our readers will learn about its good and bad sides. Let’s begin.

easy use zimpler casino payments 2021
Easy as A-B-C to use Zimpler as your casino payment provider

How To Play In Online Casinos According to Payment Methods

Throughout history, money changing hands has been a touchy subject, from Robin Hood stealing gold transferred to other cities with a horse carriage, to modern-day cryptocurrency transfers – choosing the right payment method can be hard.

In the online gambling community, a casino’s available payment methods are considered one of the two main credibility factors that need to be taken into account before depositing. The first of course, is to check for licenses. Once you make sure the casino is regulated, check their payment methods too!

Online casinos using trusted and credible payment methods are considered to be safer by professional players and beginners alike, but since there are dozens of good providers out there, additional details on fees and terms of use need to be checked.

Having low fees and fast transaction processing can make the difference between winning and losing, since chances come and go all the time, but the euphoria of winning or losing can render players rather impatient, so the faster they get their money – depositing or withdrawing – the better.

One of the fastest payment providers that take no fees, is Zimpler, a Swedish company specializing in payments to online casinos only.

The Story of Zimpler

Zimpler was founded in Sweden back in 2016 with the intent to create a payment method for gamblers that was simple to use for all kinds of deposits and withdrawals. It started off as a mid-sized company, but the owners intended to broaden its reach and make it a worldwide famous online payment method company. Zimpler currently has headquarters in Malta, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

The company instantly became famous because all the payments regarding online gambling became available with a mobile phone. In other words, Zimpler keeps the online gambling experience plain and simple for many of its users, as both players and casino administrators recognize the benefits of using this method.

Why Is Zimpler A Good Choice in 2022

Besides the simplicity and practicality of Zimpler, the developers made the safety of its users a top priority. They have put an extra effort into making customers feel safe, and their money and data protected. Third parties do not have access to the user’s data because Zimpler is under constant supervision of the Swedish Financial Services Authority (FSA).

The FSA also regulates all the banks in Sweden – which is yet more proof that the money and data users are in Zimpler’s safe hands.

In addition, most of the casinos in Sweden and Finland use Zimpler as a payment method because it’s very easy to use and navigate. Users only need to download the app from the Google PlayStore or Apple store, insert their phone number, and start enjoying its services.

Who Can Use The Zimpler Payment Method

Zimpler Casinos is available only for the citizens of Sweden, Finland, and Germany.

In the meanwhile, the management of the company is working on putting their product on the global market and making it available in more countries.

How to Use Zimpler Casinos in 2022

The procedure for activating Zimpler is quite easy and made up of several simple steps. First, users need to choose a casino that has implemented Zimpler as a payment method for casinos in 2022 .

After that, they need to choose the option ‘Zimpler’ and make a deposit by providing their phone number. Customers will receive an SMS with instructions and details on how to create their own Zimpler account.

Because everyone who wants to gamble online needs a debit card, the Zimpler app requires details of a user’s MasterCard or VISA. This will activate the payments and users can then enter the amount they want to deposit.

Before proceeding, users will receive a specially generated personalized code in order to verify the amount they want to deposit – and that’s it.

All in all, the procedure for creating a Zimpler account takes less than 5 minutes and the money transfer options are the same as any other payment processor.

zimpler casino online deposit 2021
Pick Zimpler and how much you want to add to your player account
zimpler account casino deposit 2021
Choose your bank connected to your Zimpler account and go on with the casino deposit

Costs and Fees

In order to make the experience of this method even more pleasant, Zimpler doesn’t take any deposit or withdrawal fees when users make any kind of online payment through it.

Pros and Cons of Using Zimpler


  • Simple and easy to implement and use;
  • Guaranteed safety;
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee for any kind of online payment;
  • Cash-out period is less than 5 minutes;
  • Good rating among users;
  • Different types of bonuses for using the method;


  • The service is only available in Sweden, Finland, and Germany;
  • Users can only deposit at an online casino;

Conclusion of Zimpler Casino 2022

Overall, Zimpler became an instant hit among online gamblers and the method is getting more popular with every passing day because of its user-friendly interface, trustworthiness, safety, and simplicity.

The company intends to take over the world-wide online gambling market as the leading online payment method, and make the whole process practical, safer, and more pleasant for all those willing to spend their money in online casinos.

Find the updated list of the best Zimpler Casinos 2022 above. All the listed casinos accept Zimpler as a way to make deposit and withdrawals. Good luck!

zimpler casino payments 2021
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