New Slot Sites 2022

The best 2022 new slot sites with high-quality games and bonuses in the list below. We have thoroughly the best alternatives in the table below. You will notice each casino has an exclusive welcome bonus with either a deposit bonus or no deposit bonus, there is something for everybody.

Choose the one that is right for you or continue reading to learn more about slots and why you should choose a new site to play them.

List of the Best New Slot Sites in 2022

Why Choosing A New Slot Sites?

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With the Covid-19 and the closure of many physical casinos there are many people looking to get the same excitement of playing at slots online. The good news is that new slot sites are being released all the time so there are plenty to choose from. There are several reasons why new slot sites are better than old ones. Here are a few examples

  • Better bonuses to new players. If you are new to a casino you will get one of the generous welcome bonuses that you can find in the table above. These bonus offers are in general much better at a new slot site since they need to spend money on marketing and great deals in order to attract players to their newly opened casino.
  • Game Selection is another reason why it is better to play at new slot sites. Often you can find slots from more than 20 different game providers and also find new and exciting games that you have not seen before. Further down in this guide we will mention some of the best game providers that you might want to try.
  • Technology is cutting-edge with a mobile-first design. This makes it extremely easy for you to register and get started. With the game developer Microgaming, you can even play games on your SmartWatch. That is how mobile the new slot sites have become.

In this guide we hope we will go through which are the ranking criteria that we look at when picking the best new slots sites for you. Then we will list some of our favourite slots that you can try for free on our website. We will of course mention the technological development and the different slot-themes that are out there. We end this guide by giving some details about jackpot slots and then a summery.

How we pick new slots sites for you has a team of casino experts that review all new slot sites that are being released. This is the check-list that we go through to make sure that we only list the best of the best.

1SAFETY – Our number one priority is that you get to play at a casino with the latest security and that the company behind the casino has a license and been scrutinized.
2PAYMENT METHODS – There are more than 50 different payment methods and we really enjoy it if the casino has more than 10 payment methods. It can be frustrating to sign up and then not be able to make a deposit.
3QUICK PAYOUT – If you are lucky and win, then you should be able to get your money fast. We test so both the deposit and withdrawals are made in a timely manner.
4GAME SELECTION – In 2022 there are so many game providers so we expect the casino that has at least 300 slots. And from at least 10 providers. If spending a lot of time playing you want to have the possibility to try different games.
5SUPPORT – We think that all casinos should have a Live Chat that is open more or less 24h a day. If they are far from that we will probably not list them here.
6SLOT BONUS – For many of you this it what is most important when picking a casino. The good news is that in our list you can sort and filter by bonus and free spins and pick the ones that suit you. All casinos in the list above have passed all other ranking criteria so they are safe to play at.

Try and Review Slots for Free

Slots are our favorite casino game among many players. The physical slot machines of various types have been around for a long time and always been played a lot at casinos, bars, and similar places. But it is only in recent years that these games have exploded in popularity, and this is thanks to the many great online game developers and casinos online.

In conjunction with technology and gaming knowledge, the development and progress of these online slots have been exponential in recent years. Unique themes and designs, great 3D graphics, cinematic intros, unique features, bonus rounds with Free Spins, and much more are now almost considered standard in newly released video slots. It is easy to see that these types of games are so immensely popular in online casinos today. Below you will find some of the most popular slots that you can read about and play for free before trying one of the new slot sites in the list above.

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Slots are extremely fun to play! Especially since the last couple of years when the quality of the games has been drastically improved. Today there are many popular game developers that work around the clock to make better games all the time. Developments in the slot are therefore faster than ever today and all slot providers deliver new variations and features of its video slots constantly. For this reason, we review the games as you can see above. Click on any of the thumbnail images to get to the full review page, where you can learn more about the specific game. There you will also be able to see which casino to play the specific slot at, and you can go directly to that online casino and claim a great welcome bonus. We will continuously review more and more slots, so check back here again soon for more games.

New Game Developers in Online Casinos

What is really interesting about the video slots is the high development rate it is facing. Every year we meet new game providers bringing something new to the table. At the same time must the older, bigger, developers challenge themselves. Only a couple of years ago, a few developers were dominating the market. Which led to not competition basically. New, smaller firms are now showing what they can do with animations, sound effects, and much more. Very interesting and the future will be exciting for sure.

Why has all this happened now then? Well, first of all, the general interest in online casinos has grown a lot over the last couple of years. This large target group of customers make the whole business grow, and so also the developers of casino games. Today we see new casinos on the market every week, which also is a sign of this growing business. More casinos, more players – of course, more games! And the casinos have a big challenge getting players to stay as well, why having a large game range from a lot of developers might help a lot. This is how you as a player will get in contact with providers such as Yggdrasil, Thunderkick, ELK Studios, and many more.

Technical advancements in constant movement

Another reason why the new slot sites 2022 are growing so much is the technological advancements. The internet speed, of course, being one of the main reasons. Today we can, even from the cell phone, download a big chunk of data within minutes, seconds. Without even being connected to wifi. With this speed, the developers don’t really have to think that much about keeping the games small anymore. Sure, this is still a factor, but not as much as it once was. Cool animations, movies, and sound effects can now be integrated into the games without any problems. This is probably why movie collaborations have grown a lot as well.

Slots + Movies = True

Yes, one thing that we have had the bliss to experience are the collaborations between gambling software providers and movie studios. One game that really took us to the next level gaming was Batman – The Dark Knight. This progressive jackpot slot, by Microgaming, shows a great example of these collaborations. Cool animations from the movies, sound effects and even the characters speaking in the game. The Christian Bale version of Batman was a real big hit, not to mention Heath Ledgers take on The Joker. Of course, this movie had to become a slot game for online casinos as well. And now you have the possibility to win millions while watching awesome sequences from the movies on the reels!

new slots

And music becomes bigger in slot games as well

Just like movies, music collaboration with slot games within the online casino industry has also grown a lot for the last couple of years. Primarily, we think about the NetEnt Rocks series that was launched in 2016. This great investment and partnership between some of the greatest musicians of all time and the game developer became a huge hit. Guns n’ Roses, Motörhead and Jimi Hendrix all got their own official slot games. And all were extremely successful, even though the Guns n’ Roses slot was the main attraction for the players. In all these games, you got the opportunity to choose one of the hit songs from the artist while playing. Bonus features consists of a various free spins offers and much more – all neatly connected to the specific artist.

New Slot Sites with Jackpots

It is hard to mention video slots, without mention its big brother – jackpots! Jackpot slots are the main attraction for many players. Not strange, since this can make you a millionaire in a matter of seconds. Some of the jackpots, like The Dark Knight (mentioned above), Mega Fortune, and Mega Moolah, are progressive. This means that they have a constantly increasing price sum from all the best players before you have made it. From time to time, the big jackpot win will happen, and if you are lucky enough you can get to win one of the largest prize sums ever won.

Summary of New Slot Sites 2022

Online gambling has boomed due to Covid-19 and we expect 2022 to be an exciting year for casino players. We will continue to look for the best new slot sites that are available in 2022 so you will not miss a thing. Be prepared for exclusive deals and promotions that we are handed out in 2022 . Good luck, and remember to check back when you look for somewhere new to play.

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