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This page contains the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy for (also “website”, “we”, “us” etc.) and here we describe how we work with cookies and other data when you visit our website. This Cookies & Privacy Policy was last updated December 2018.

1. Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, we describe how we collect, save and use your personal data when visiting our website. This Privacy Policy falls under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and you can read more about GDPR here.

1.1 Non-personal data

Non-personal data is information that can not be linked to an identifiable person. At, we collect some non-personal data such as what device you use (mobile, desktop etc), how long time you visit our website and such things. We do this in order to make the user experience of this website better for you as a user by collecting statistics and then adjust our webpage to reflect the way our visitors seem to like it the most.

1.2 Personal data

Personal data is any information relating to an identifiable person. Through the use of Google Analytics, we indirectly collect your internet protocol address (IP address) in order to see where our internet traffic comes from. The reason for this is to better understand our visitors, what their location is and with the help of this information make this website better. If you do not wish to share this personal data, you can easily opt-out of Google Analytics (see link in section 1.3 below).

1.3 Third parties

Some third parties that might access your user data are:

  • Google Analytics (a tool from Google that helps analyze visitor behaviour on our website). Read more and opt out here.
  • WordPress (CMS system on which our website is built) – Read the WordPress privacy policy here.

1.4 Protection of your data

We use an SSL protocol that is encrypted with SHA-256 byte and RSA in order to protect and secure your data and the information that we receive from our visitors. At, we are constantly looking for the best practice and the industry-leading standards in ensuring that the data is safe and secure.

1.5 Questions on your data

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any question about this Privacy Policy or how we handle your data.

2. Cookie Policy

At, we use cookies in order to give you as a visitor the best possible experience of this website. When you first visit our website you will see a cookie disclaimer in the footer. By clicking agree and using our website, you agree to this Cookie Policy and use and storage of cookies on your computer or device.

2.1 Why we use cookies

We use cookies in order for us to present the best possible user experience when you visit our website. This cookie data gives us information on for example what type of device you use when browsing our website (mobile, desktop and so on), which pages you visit and how long time you visit our website for. With this information, we can, in turn, make the website better for our visitors since we can see what our visitors seem to prefer and not prefer as much.

2.2 What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that save information on your visit during the time you visit a certain website on the internet. The reason that cookies are used is to make the user experience better by for example saving certain choices of the visitor and to make it possible to customize a website to suit the visitors’ behaviours and what they seem to like.

We use cookies to make the user experience of this website as good as possible by collecting information such as the use of devices, what pages are visited and such things. To save these cookies are optional and you can turn off and/or delete cookies in your browser settings.

2.3 Types of cookies

There are some different types of cookies and they can basically be divided into:

  • Session cookies – Also called temporary cookies. These are used while you are browsing a website and are needed in order for the website to work the best of ways. These session cookies are deleted when you close your browser. If you choose to decline these session cookies, the website might not work in an optimal way.
  • Functional cookies – Also called permanent cookies. These are used in order to save certain settings and preferences in the browser. They allow visitors to have a more personalized user experience on a certain website.
  • Analytical cookies – used with for example Google Analytics. These save information about your visit in order to gain analytical data from visitors that in turn makes it possible to improve the website for better user experience. These are used for internal use only.

2.4 Managing cookies

You can easily change the settings on how to handle and manage cookies when you visit our website. You can, for example, delete saved cookies or choose to not save cookies at all in your browser. Be aware of that the user experience of your visit might not work as fully intended if you choose to disable or reject cookies.

Click here to see how you can manage cookies depending on your type of browser.

See the link in section 1.3 on how to opt out of Google Analytics.

Updates of this Cookies & Privacy Policy

This Cookies and Privacy Policy might change at any time. Be sure to visit this page every now and then to see the current version. By continuing to use our website, you accept the collection and information for the purposes mentioned in these policies. We are working hard to make sure that your data is protected and secure and we never sell any information to third parties. With that said, we hope that you have a better understanding of the privacy and cookie handling here at and that you can feel safe while browsing our website.

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