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In the year 2022 , there are several payment options available for online casino players, MasterCard is one of the best and most reliable payment platforms. Below you will find an updated list of casinos that accept MasterCard as a payment method to make a deposit. So choose a MasterCard casino that is available in 2022 and start playing or continue reading for the full guide to learn everything about MasterCard casinos.

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In this guide, you’ll be shown how to easily navigate MasterCard online casinos and by the time you’re done, you will be able to make MasterCard transactions on your favorite online casinos from the comfort of your couch. MasterCard exists to do the heavy lifting for their users, allowing them to make online transactions quickly and easily and consequently, they have become popular with online casino users.

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Walkthrough how to make play at an online casino using MaterCard


MasterCard predates even the internet, having been around since 1966. Initially called “Interbank Card Association”, the company was launched by four different banks; The United California Bank, Wells Fargo, The Crocker National bank and The Bank of California to compete for the credit market with the Bank of America. Three years later, the company was joined by the First National City Bank and after changing their name to “Master Charge”, they set about trying to wrest control of the charge card market away from VISA and Diners club.

Helped by their strategy of boosting their reach by merging with financial institutions, the new company grew rapidly and expanded into Europe. By 1979, the name of the company became “MasterCard” for the first time. At that point, they had already become a major player in the market and they continued to expand their reach across the globe, becoming the first payment platform in China. They continued to dominate the market, expanding into new territories, highlighted by their partnership with Apple to integrate e-wallets on iPhones in 2014. Their name change in 2006 to “MasterCard worldwide” further reflected the global reach they had.

As with many other companies, they made the transition to online payments when the internet took off and when online casinos became a thing, they were at the forefront of that as well. Today, online casinos the world over offer MasterCard as a payment option because of the reputation and trust they’ve built up since they started operations.

Why You Should Choose MasterCard Casino 2022

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the inability to enjoy many activities that require being in an enclosed space with many other people, such as enjoying casino games in Vegas. This is where an online casino comes in as it gives you the chance to indulge yourself playing your favorite casino games from the safety of your living room.

With MasterCard, you can make any online transaction with your mobile phone and online casino payments are no different. With the reputation they have due to the speed of their transactions and the security of their platform, making online payments with MasterCard is an option favored by many online casino users.

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How to use MasterCard to make a deposit

To use MasterCard with your favorite online casino, you’ll need to first obtain a MasterCard by applying either at your bank in person or online. You’ll need to bear in mind that your bank will most likely charge you a fee to issue you a MasterCard. If you already have a MasterCard debit/credit card, you can use that as well to make payments at an online casino with no issues.

You will also need to note that there are different kinds of MasterCards such as; MasterCard credit, MasterCard debit, MasterCard prepaid, and MasterCard gift card. For more information about MasterCard, check here. After getting a MasterCard, connecting your MasterCard account to your online casino account is quite easy, just follow the following steps;

  • Find an online casino that supports MasterCard payments: As one of the biggest e-payment platforms in the world, there are a lot of casinos that support MasterCard payments. Pick one of them and proceed from our ranking table above. It consists of all the best MasterCard casinos that you can find in 2022 .
  • Follow the prompts and link your online casino account to your MasterCard: click on the “cashier” link and follow the prompts that will lead to your MasterCard account and link both by following the prompts again and entering any passcode(s) sent to you.

Deposits and Withdrawals with MasterCard Method

Making deposits: Log into your online casino account and click on the “cashier” link. On the page you’re directed to, click on “MasterCard”, enter your card number, expiry date, CVV number, and select the amount you’d like to deposit on the page you’re redirected to, then submit. Shortly after, you’ll get an e-mail/text confirmation of your deposit as long as you have enough money in your account and the details you entered are correct.

Withdrawals: From your online casino home page, navigate to the “withdrawals” link and select “MasterCard” from the list of options there. Fill in the required information and the amount you want to withdraw. As long as you’ve followed the right steps, the money will be credited to your MasterCard soon after.

deposit mastercard casino sites 2021
Click the deposit button on the casino website
guide mastercard online casinos
Choose MasterCard, add your card details and make a deposit

Pros and Cons of MasterCard in 2022

Using MasterCard for online casino transactions offers some advantages such as:

Security: As one of the top two payment platforms in the world, they take security of transactions very seriously and deploy a number of security measures such as; fraud detection technology, secure code password protection and a Zero liability feature that ensures that you’re only responsible for transactions you authorized.

Credit: They give you the option to pay on credit with some of their cards so in a situation where you’re feeling especially lucky but have no funds, you can easily use a MasterCard credit card to fund your online casino account to be repaid at a later time.

Reach and flexibility: Due to the popularity of the platform, many online casinos and many countries offer the option of using MasterCard to make payments. They also offer you the option to seamlessly switch between currencies, giving users the ability to exchange money automatically no matter where they are.

Speed: MasterCard transactions are very fast, allowing users to make deposits and withdrawals quickly

Deposits: Unlike some other platforms that limit the amounts users can deposit/withdraw to as little as $500, MasterCard allows users to deposit/withdraw as much as $25,000 as long as certain conditions are met.

Flexibility: If you choose to fund your account with a web wallet instead of MasterCard, you can use MasterCard to fund that e-wallet.

MasterCard also has some disadvantages such as:

Charges and a lack of limits: There are some charges involved with using MasterCard and no one ever likes to pay extra. The ability to use credit cards can also be a problem as you can easily rack up large debts if you aren’t careful. Even if debts aren’t accumulated on the credit cards, you might be faced with high interest rates while repaying.

Withdrawals: Not all casinos that accept deposits allow you to make withdrawals with certain  MasterCards so you’ll need to either find another platform to make withdrawals with, or find another online casino

Fees and Limit in 2022

If you’re using MasterCard to make payments, additional fees can be charged by your bank so you’ll have to check and confirm that. There’s a minimum deposit of $20 and a maximum deposit of $25,000.

Faqs on MasterCard Method

How safe is MasterCard to use?

Very safe. As a leader in the industry, MasterCard takes the security of transactions on their platform very seriously, using the best and latest security measures to protect user data and money. They also give users the option of getting their money back with their zero liability feature.

Does MasterCard have a wide coverage?

Yes, it does. MasterCard is available around the globe and along with VISA, dominates the market.

What’s safer to use, a debit or a credit card?

Credit cards are safer to use as you can declare the card/card information stolen if it falls into the wrong hands. If any transactions have been made, you can have them canceled or reversed as well.

Can I change my payment method at any point?

Yes you can. Even if you start with MasterCard and you want to switch to another later, all you have to do is pick another option in the “cashier” or “withdrawal” section.

Does MasterCard allow me to receive bonuses?

Yes they do, and depending on the online casino used. If it’s in the list of casinos approved by MasterCard, you will receive a bonus after your first deposit.

Does MasterCard charge any extra fees in 2022 ?

If you’re using a debit card, any extra charges will come from your bank. If you’re using a credit card however, you will be charged a fee with every transaction. Additionally, the interest rates for repaying credit card bills later can be quite steep so you’ll need to monitor your spending with a credit card.

Is MasterCard the best choice to fund my account with?

Arguably, yes. They along with VISA control the market and are the two best options to make payments with.

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