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In early 2016, this online casino opened up for players. Since then, it has become larger and larger and today you can play it in six different languages; English, Swedish, German, French, Norwegian and Spanish. This casino has a Curacao licence and is able to play in a lot of countries all around the world. CasinoOnline.casino has tried it out and found some pros and cons.

To sum it all up, this is a great casino site that offers everything a player needs. However, the best way to get your own picture is by playing it. Click here if you want to play now. If you want to know a bit more before, please continue reading our review.

 Will you experience a Unique Casino?

unique casino

First of all, what really is a unique online casino experience really? Today there certainly are a lot of new brands that want to bring something new to the market. During the last year, we have actually started to see some websites that really stand out. With interesting themes, nice animations, interesting VIP clubs and other features, we do see some fun things nowadays. To be honest, this website might not have any extremely distinctive features. At least not at first glimpse. But, once you start to play you will soon notice some really nice highlights!

“once you start to play you will soon notice some really nice highlights”

The Bonus Wheel is one of these ones. This is a classic lottery wheel that will give you your own personal bonus, every week (!). Register today and get your own wheel spinning and see what you get. This will, together with the casino bonus be a really nice start to your adventure. You also have an Express Cashout Service to take advantage of when needed. This will ensure you to get your cash in hand within 24 hours. This surely is something that many of our readers have discussed and something we are sure will be more and more important to offer players.

Video Slots and Table Games are waiting

This is actually what it all comes down to. If you don’t like the game selection, you probably won’t stay here for very long. On the start page, all the games are lined up for you. It is easy to find a specific game category by clicking the different choices. However, we believe that the best way to find your favourites is by clicking the “All Games” button. Once done, you can choose from all the different providers in a drop-down menu – very convenient! This is also where you have the possibility to search for a specific game title. Last, but not least, you can choose to sort the games by different factors;

  • Popularity
  • Most Recent
  • Alphabetical
  • Payout
  • Volatility

The last two ones are the ones we are thinking about. This is something is a tell for this being a very, exactly, Unique Casino. A great way to find the new casino games you want. If you are looking for the ones with big wagers and big winnings, this is your guide.

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