Best Ecopayz Casinos 2022

Welcome to this guide to the best Ecopayz casinos that are available in 2022 . There are many aspects and features to consider when picking an online casino, but most of them aren’t as important as the available payment methods.

Sure, the bonuses, fees, variety of games, gameplay quality, and service are important, but if the casino doesn’t offer the right payment method, all of the above doesn’t matter. In the list below you will find casinos that accept Ecopayz to make a deposit in 2022 .

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ecopayz casino deposit process
With a few steps you will make your EcoPayz casino deposit and play

How Payment Methods Affect Casino Players and The Choices They Make

In online casinos, it’s important for players to get the proper help and service when they need it. After all, depositing a good chunk of dollars and beginning to play with them is not something casino players do lightly. They need to know that their money is looked after, and that deposits and withdrawals will go without any difficulties.

That being said, online casino payment methods largely influence the decisions gamblers make, about where to put their money and play. If a casino doesn’t have a payment method preferred by a new player, there’s a good chance the player won’t deposit money and will look for a new casino, one that has their preferred payment method.

There is a wide variety of payment methods out there, offering vastly different services to customers. Here, we’ll take a look at Ecopayz – one of the most popular casino payment methods out there.

The EcoPayz Options

EcoPayz is a Europe-based, global payment provider established in the year 2000. At first, it served as a safer and more reliable alternative to Visa and Mastercard, offering unmatched security and confidentiality for its customers.

Currently, it offers three services: ecoAccount, EcoCard, and EcoVirtualCard.

ecoAccount is a private online account that you can use to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world, in 45 different currencies. You can top it up very easily, and you don’t need a functioning bank account in order to open one.

EcoCard is a prepaid card that allows for seamless, instant online transactions with all supported casinos and merchants. No need for credit score checks to become eligible for one, yet you can use it everywhere Mastercard payments are accepted. With the card, you can only pay in three currencies: Euro, US Dollar, and Pound Sterling.

EcoVirtualCard is the virtual version of a debit card. This one is accepted by numerous casinos around the world, acting as a one-time card that expires after a single use, and then you can reapply and get a new one right away, for a maximum of three cards per day, or thirty a month.

EcoPayz – A Good Choice for Online Casinos in 2022

With a proven track record spanning two decades, Ecopayz is ever-present in the world of online casinos. Currently, it’s one of the most trusted payment methods for casino players, and with their different account levels on offer, players who play more can pick one of the more exclusive packages! Not only that, but they can also get lower fees and save money in the long run!

Most features and benefits are available only to EU residents, but people from other countries can access and use EcoPayz to a limited extent.

How to Deposit Money Using EcoPayz

The process of adding money to your casino account with EcoPayz is very simple and similar to other e-wallets, so if you’ve used any of them, you know them all.

The process goes like this:

  1. Check your ecoAccount and see if you have enough money on it for the amount you want to deposit.
  2. Go to the online casino and find the Cashier’s area.
  3. Follow the instructions, go through with the sign-in process, and make the deposit of funds with the amount you want to be able to play with.
  4. Your casino account should be topped up with the deposited amount. Keep in mind that it might be more, as some casinos offer deposit bonuses!
  5. Use the money to play on tables or slot machines.
ecopayz casino deposit screenshot
Choose EcoPayz, choose amount and click the deposit button
ecopayz account payment screenshot
Login to your EcoPayz account and confirm the payment

Costs & Fees

The various account types you can choose to come with different costs and fees, but there are also some general ones.

The Five Different Account Types


A basic free account.


You can get this type of account without extra fees, but you need to go through a verification process. With the Silver account, you’ll be able to open additional accounts, which can help you receive money in more than 40 different currencies, and also convert them to one of your choice.


In order to be eligible for the Golden account, you’ll need to have a Silver account for at least 30 days. Additionally, you need a verified deposit method, at least 5,000 Euros in cumulative deposits, and $25,000 in transactions with ecoPayz dealers.


For the Platinum, you need to have a Golden account for at least 30 days. Furthermore, you need to make at least 50,000 Euros in transactions and need to be a holder of an ecoCard.


Similar to the Platinum, but you need to turn over at least 250,000 Euros with your ecoPayz account.

All of these account types come with different fees and benefits, with each requiring more money to go through it to get lower fees and costs.

Pros & Cons of Using EcoPayz in 2022

A simple list of pros and cons, cover everything, good experience using it, fast/slow processing time, low/high fees, customer service responsiveness and service quality, availability, rating in communities.


  • You can request a prepaid card at anytime;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface and features;
  • Provides a direct connection between your account and online casinos of your choice;
  • Available at a wide variety of online casinos;
  • Quick cashouts;
  • Top-notch security;
  • Only a mobile device is needed’
  • 24/7 customer support;


  • Not available in all countries, most notably the US;
  • Potential fees when withdrawing funds from your ecoPayz to your bank account;
  • The transition process between accounts and cards can get drawn out, so it’s important to pick the right one from the start;


EcoPayz is one of the best e-wallets out there, offering high levels of security as well as occasional reward programs and promotions that can be very beneficial to casino players!

Their fast response time in regards to transactions coupled with the growing number of online casinos and countries that accept it as a payment method, To use EcoPayz as a deposit method in casinos 2022 is one of the best methods. It is bound to become one of the best buddies to many online casino players worldwide!

ecopayz casino payment
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