Best Trustpay Casinos 2021

Trustpay has been a longstanding option and a popular choice for online casino players. This web-based payment gateway enables customers to deposit through several payment methods. This payment service has seen rapid growth thanks to its approach to anonymity, payment speeds, and service charges. Trustpay allows online casinos and retailers in 2021 to accept payment in all kind’s currencies and through worldwide and native payment methods. Let’s take a deeper look into Trustpay casinos that are available in 2021 and what makes it a top choice.

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More About Trustpay

This payment service was born out of Bratislava, Slovakia in 2009 and has seen some solid growth ever since. This payment provider evolved into providing a comprehensive payment gateway for many European businesses. With transactions spanning across 170+ countries and 12 currencies, users can marvel in the convenience of making deposits and withdrawals through instant bank transfers. This payment gateway is now widely available on online casinos, acting as a third party between traditional banking methods and your online casino account. It’s fully safe and secure so you can transfer funds in and out and play your favourite real money games with complete peace of mind. There are plenty more great things to shout about with this payment service. Users can expect transactions that are free from service charges, moved instantly and completely anonymous.

Trustpay safety and security

TrustPay cares a great deal about customer banking safety and security. They have developed a solid reputation over the last few years, making them a go-to-choice for secure online payments. This brand is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry standards and ensures all customer information is stored securely so all payments are taken care of with the need to be concerned for safety. Only certified and secure platforms are used for TrustPay processes that meet the standards set by PCI DSS to the highest degree.

TrustPay brings a high level of encryption to the table, for both bank transfer and card payments. This payment service does not have access to the full payment info it processes so any info that is passed through is secured to the highest degree and inaccessible to any online threats. You will also undergo a two-factor authentication process when making payments, which comes with an 8-digit code that will be sent via a text message to your mobile, then you can confirm or reject your payment.

Making TrustPay Casino Deposits and Withdrawals in 2021

If you like to put in the absolute minimum effort when it comes to making casino deposits and withdrawals, then you’ll enjoy the convenience of this payment gateway. To initiate a deposit at your TrustPay online casino, just log in and head to the deposit page. There, you will see a menu of banking payment options, including Trustpay. Make sure you’re registered with the TrustPay service by heading over to their website and inputting the required information to get your eWallet up and running. Once that is done, you can load up some funds on your TrustPay eWallet using payment solution partners such as Visa, MasterCard as well as UnionPay. Then complete your deposit and enjoy your favourite real money slots. When you’re ready to cash out your winnings, you’ll need to send the funds back to an alternative payment service as currently, TrustPay does not offer any online casino withdrawal functionality so far in 2021.

TrustPay casino transaction times and fees 2021

Another solid perk of using this online casino banking method is that there are no fees on TrustPays side. That being said, you should always check if your casino operator charges fees for making deposits and withdrawals. It’s not uncommon for online casinos to boost their revenue stream by adding in small fees to make transactions.

When it comes to transaction times, TrustPay works quickly. The time it takes for your funds to reach your bank depends on the online casino operator. This usually takes between three and five days for a withdrawal to complete.

Using TrustPay on mobile

TrustPay provides a reliable payment processing gateway for those who prefer to take their gaming on the go. Their mobile payment platform maintains high levels of security and convenience. You can also download the TrustPay mobile app where you can maintain complete control of your transfers. This modern mobile app has been intuitively designed to put everything at your fingertips. It’s never been easy to move money from one place to the next on the TrustPay app. However, there are some restrictions with using the mobile platform. At the time of writing, TrustPay does not allow for withdrawals to be made from mobile casinos.

Trust Customer Support

TrustPay can be contacted directly via the contact form on their website or through email and phone. If you wish to bypass contacting someone you will find an extensive list of FAQs on the TrustPay website that goes into good detail across each area.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +421 2 321 68 450

TrustPay Conclusion

TrustPay Casino is growing as a go-to for instant bank transfers in 2021 but at the moment not all banks have yet signed up with this payments solution so there may be some occasions where you cannot use this payment provider. However, TrustPay is always adding more European banks so you might be covered now or in the future. The number of online casinos using TrustPay is still growing, as more Europeans start using TrustPay, more online casinos will start hosting the payment provider. TrustPay provides an easy way to channel funds from your traditional bank to your player account anonymously and instantly.

Advantages of TrustPay

Trustpay makes a great choice for online payments and there are several reasons why.  This instant payment method doesn’t require customers to sign up for any additional service to make payments. The company is also regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia and is a member of several international credit networks including Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay. You can rest assured all data is protected thanks to its security encryption.

Disadvantages of TrustPay

Although the advantages far outweigh the advantages, there are some drawbacks. One of which is that you have to enter your details every time you make a transaction. This is because TrustPay does not store your details (as an additional level of security), making it a timelier payment process. Another disadvantage is that this payment service is still limited to certain currencies and countries and not be available to all customers.

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