Wild Bazaar – Slot Review

Wild Bazaar

wild bazaar slot screenshot

Wild Bazaar Features

  • Stunning NetEnt graphics
  • Released Oct 2018
  • Fun, unique Bazaar theme

Wild Bazaar Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : NetEnt

Released by NetEnt in September 2018, Wild Bazaar is a high-quality online video slot. It tackles a theme not often seen in other slot machine games. As a result, players all over the world have embraced Wild Bazaar.

Out-Of-The-Box Theme and Graphics

The theme of this unique slot is the Middle East. The game is set in a Middle Eastern market. The reels are set against a typical market stall used to sell fruits, vegetables and more. The background of the game includes cozy looking pillows and carpeting. Players will also see a fan blowing. This is a nod to the heat the Middle East typically experiences.

wild bazaar slot netentThemed Symbols

One unique aspect of the symbols used in this game is that none of them are traditional scatters. While players may see this as the game’s downfall, they are mistaken. The lack of scatters is made up for. The game’s wild symbol is nothing more than a W etched onto a carpet. The two main symbols used are four jewels and four treasure chests. The jewels and treasure chests are red, green, pink and blue. Each color triggers a separate bonus.

Multiple Bonus Features

Located above the reels are four potential bonuses. These are categories of wilds; stacked, multiplying, colossal and linked. Anytime the treasure chest symbol appears, one of these wilds will be triggered. The red treasure chest gives players stacked wilds.  The green treasure chest gives players the colossal wilds. The pink treasure chest activates a linked wild. The blue treasure chest gives players the wilds that are linked. The appearance of any treasure chest gives players with three re-spins of the reels for free. Every re-spin includes a wild. There is even the potential for more treasure chests on the reels.

Wild Bazaar Slot – Final Thoughts

Wild Bazaar lacks the types of bonus features players are used to. However, the uniqueness of the four potential bonuses offered is a selling point. Players looking for a simple game may enjoy this one.

With a theme that has not been overly used in the industry, Wild Bazaar does stand out from its competitors. Its features are similar to that of Go Bananas, another popular online slot machine by NetEnt. Players that enjoy Go Bananas will likely enjoy this one as well.

Though this game is tamer than most of NetEnt’s releases, it has value. It can still entertain players who don’t want flashy, confusing games. The simplicity of the game makes it so appealing. Net Ent generally releases high energy slots. However, this release shows that they are also focused on pleasing all players. Those less experienced with online slots can learn with this one.

From a visual standpoint, Wild Bazaar gives players something cool to look at. It uses graphics and appropriate sound effects. While spinning the reels players will hear oriental music that sets the mood. This can help transform them to an unfamiliar world. Players may find themselves immersed in that world.

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