The Ruby Slot by iSoftBet – Review

The Ruby

the ruby slot

The Ruby Features

  • Slot game from iSoftbet
  • High RTP percentage
  • Among rubies & diamonds

The Ruby Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : iSoftBet

There are many visually impressive slot games out there. As times goes by, technology improves. And slot developers have more and more options in terms of graphics and visual appeal. And many players seem to like these visually outstanding games. Well, The Ruby by iSoftBet is anything but a visually outstanding game. In fact, it features one of the most simplistic graphical designs we have seen in a modern slot game.

This is not something bad, per se. On the contrary – it can be rather good. Many people are also getting fed up with the extensive and potentially seizure-inducing visuals in slots. Well, if this is you, then we suggest that you go for The Ruby. As we have mentioned before, it has a very simplistic design. Of course, the main symbol in the game is the ruby. But the other symbols are also present. They take the form of the classic slot symbols. There’s the “bar” symbol, the “7”, the cherry and bell symbols, and others. So, the Ruby strives to be a simple slot game – and it does this well.

the ruby review slot by isoftbetThe Ruby – Full of rubies and diamonds

But even though the graphic design is lacking – this game still has a lot to offer. What it lacks in visuals it more than makes up for in terms of gameplay. And the first thing that we have to mention about this game is that it has a very high RTP rate. The RTP rate is currently set at 97.50%. This is incredibly high for a slot game. You will seldom have the opportunity to play an online slot with such a high RTP rate. But make no mistake about it – the house always has an edge.

There are some progressive jackpots that you can win while playing the Ruby. There are 30 pay lines in total. The biggest win you can rack up with a single spin is $18,000. This is not much, but if you can grab a progressive jackpot then you can get rich. There are three different jackpots – topaz, cherry, and ruby. If you get three bonus symbols, you activate the bonus game where you will get the prize. It’s now your chance to trigger the jackpots and win big. Also, there are wilds. During some spins, the reels will turn wild with the ruby on fire.

In conclusion – The Ruby by iSoftbet

The Ruby by iSoftBet is distinctively lacking in terms of visuals and graphics. But it makes up for this with the gameplay. There are many features and loads of opportunities to win some money. Moreover, there are progressive jackpots that can make you rich if you’re lucky enough.

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