Ogre Empire Slot Review

Ogre Empire

ogre empire slot betsoft

Ogre Empire Features

  • Make friends with the Ogre!
  • Innovative Day/Night cycle

Ogre Empire Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Betsoft

Of all the slot machine games to choose from online, Ogre Empire may be among the best. Unlike many other slots, this one takes players on an unforgettable journey. It takes them into a world they have never experienced before, with exciting action every step of the way. Its 3D graphics make it particularly popular among players.

A Fun Theme

The story of Ogre Empire is set in a city straight out of a fairytale. It shows the city’s residents bracing themselves due to the ogre that has decided to make a throne out of the roofs above their heads. In the event that residents open a window in their house, they will find that the ogre comes at them with a huge club. When he does, it results in symbols cascading down onto the reels.

At the end of the day, sunset brings with it a sleeping ogre. Windows are then opened and symbols appear on the reels. This is when the real action takes place in the game. The fact that the game progresses from day to night is one of the aspects of it that makes it the most unique.

Symbols And The Passage Of Time

ogre empire slot cascadesA symbol tall enough to cover all the reels on the screen at once is any player’s key to transitioning from daytime to nighttime. When players succeed in doing this they are rewarded with a cash prize. The time of day has a direct correlation to the ability of each game symbol. During daylight hours the ogre drops wilds onto the reels which then become expanding wilds. Their behaviour is predictable during the daytime hours but when night falls they can become unpredictable. However, this is a good thing for players as it usually results in additional flowers on the reels.

Players will notice that the symbols they see on the screen vary from day to night. For example, the king and moon symbols are only ever seen on the reels when the game is in nighttime mode. The day bloom wild symbol disappears when darkness falls. It is then replaced by the night bloom wild. There is also a Joker symbol that appears during the game’s nighttime mode. This is the mode that players want to strive for as they can win much more money when the game is taking place at night than when it is taking place during the day.


Even those that shun traditional slot machine games may find that this one is worth taking the time to play. The interactive gameplay is one of the main reasons why Ogre Empire has already become so popular. The 3D graphics are another big draw, as is the fact that the game can be so unpredictable. This marks a new trend in online slot machine games that have more to offer than ever before. The entertainment value of Ogre Empire can’t be beaten. It brings players into a world they have never experienced before.

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