Immortal Romance Slot Review

Immortal Romance

immortal romance slot review
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Immortal Romance Features

  • Microgaming classic
  • Vampires attack
  • Dark and fun slot

Immortal Romance Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Microgaming

Immortal Romance is a game made by Microgaming. As far as anyone that has ever played online slot games can tell – Microgaming is a giant in the field of online slot game design. The studio’s library of games has a lot to show and you’ll be able to find many great games that are made by this company. But today we will be talking some more about the game called Immortal Romance. You’ll learn what this game is all about and if you should play it if you want to have a high-quality slot game experience.

Graphics and theme of the game

The graphics are not up to level – we’ll start by saying that. If you have played some of Microgaming’s other games, then chances are that you have come to expect the graphics to be top notch. Well, this isn’t the case with Immortal Romance. In fact, if anything, then the graphics can be called rather bland. But perhaps these were Microgaming’s intentions – to give us an impression that we’re reading a book. For the book lovers among you – this may be a great impression to have while playing this game.

And the theme of this game is a vampire story. There are four characters in the game, in total. They are Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah. Believe it or not, the story is where Immortal Romance shines. There are few people that would say that they play slot games just for the story of the game and not much else. But this game will convince (and convincingly, at that) that the story is an important element of any game that you will ever play in your life.

Again, the story follows the lives of four characters. Amber is a witch and a best friend of Sarah. She wields the secrets to witchery and dark magic and she knows the past of any person that comes in contact with here. She is also clairvoyant and can see into the future.

Meet the character Troy

immortal romance slot review microgaming

Troy is a vampire playboy and is here for the kicks. He sees Amber as a challenge to his power and is on a mission to demonstrate his superiority over her. His best friend is Michael, another vampire. Troy tries in vain to comprehend the idea that Michael would end up falling in love with a mortal woman, Sarah. And Sarah is on a mission to prove that aging is a disease of the blood that can be cured.

This is the premise of the entire game and the story that it sets proves to be a powerful vehicle for the overall quality of the game. Of course, some of you may find that the story behind this game is cheesy. Chances are that those of you that think this way will also find vampire movies like Twilight boring. But if you love vampire love stories then you will love the story of this game.

The story will tend to unfold the more you play the game. With every big win that you will make, you will uncover new and important details about the game’s characters. You will have a hard time in putting the game down for a moment because of the fact that you will want to learn the entire story. All of the characters have something to show, something that will surprise you in the end.

And even though the graphics and animations in this game are subpar – the story more than makes up for them. We must not neglect to mention the quality of the tune that goes in the background while you play the game. It serves to set the atmosphere properly – it’s a melody that will evoke feelings of sadness and love.

The Gameplay of Immortal Romance

The gameplay is a bit blander than the story would have you believe, though. However, you can hope to see some exciting features while playing. You will go on and keep spinning the reels and hoping to win some money. There are various different symbols of the Vampire theme and combining them in different ways will bring you money. There are, in total, 20 fixed pay lines that you can play on.

The unique features will come if you can begin to combine the bonus symbols. Depending on how many consecutive bonus games you play, you will get different features. For example, for the first bonus round, you will get the symbol of Amber. She will give you 10 free spins and a 5X multiplier on all your wins with them.

The fifth bonus round will be with Troy. He will give you 15 free spins with the vampire bat feature. This feature can turn various symbols on the reels into 2X or 3X multipliers – for up to 6X multiplier. Then there’s Michael and you will be able to get his bonus from the 10th bonus game. He’ll give you 20 free spins with the rolling reels feature. This will increase the multiplier of consecutive wins for up to 5X.

Meet the character Sarah

Finally, there’s Sarah, and you will be able to activate her from the 15th trigger of the bonus game onward. She will give you 20 free spins and you will get the wild wine feature. This means that additional symbols on the pay reels will become substitutes.
And during these bonus rounds, you will uncover more details of the story which will help guide your way through the game.

In conclusion

As you may have realized by reading this review – this game is all about the story. If you find that you’re fascinated by the theme of vampires and love, then you will love it. If you find this theme boring – then chances are that you will find the game boring as well.

Either way, we recommend you to give the game a try. See if you like it and if you can feel the plight of the characters. If this is the case – then you may get lost in the game for hours on end trying to discover the truth while having fun. And this is what a great game is all about.

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