emojiplanet slot

EmojiPlanet Features

  • Meet the beloved smileys!
  • Fun & exciting!
  • Great NetEnt graphics!

EmojiPlanet Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : NetEnt


Emojiplanet slot from NetEnt is a new video slot with release date August 2017. The game developer NetEnt licensed the rights to all these wonderful smileys that we use everyday to communicate. The slot has an amazing gameplay with great graphics, wonderful sound and speedy excitement! Emoji Planet slot from NetEnt has something to offer all types of players so be sure not to miss this great new casino game!

Emoji Planet slot – The beloved Smileys are brought to life!

Emojiplanet slot from NetEnt offer all players amazing graphics and astonishing humour as our beloved smileys are brought to life. The rights to make a game from this original brand of smileys has been purchased by the game developer NetEnt in order to make this an official Emoji slot. The happy smiley, the angry smiley, the sad smiley… they are all there to make a truly remarkable game come to life!

Emoji Planet slot – Graphics

The symbols in this slot are all symbols we recognise. That is because these are all smileys from Emojiplanet! These yellow faces are used by millions of people everyday in order to communicate. It can be through social medias like Facebook, Twitter or in SMS or emails. The video slot graphics as well as sound effects are something that NetEnt is truly great at and this casino game is just as good as always when it comes to this company. Explore all the animated smileys come to life in one of the biggest slot games of 2017!

Emojiplanet Free Spins

Like in all NetEnt games, you can get three Scatter-symbols in order to play a Free Spins round. Here you can strike big and win fast money. There are also lots of possibilities to get Free Spins on the actual slot (not in game Free Spins round but instead free money Free Spins). Just go to our start page to explore the best casino online today with Free Spins bonuses!

Summary of Emojiplanet NetEnt slot

Emoji planet slot från NetEnt 2017 is a truly unique and mind blowing video slot! We are reconnected with all our beloved smileys used in day to day communications by millions of people. Emoji Planet from NetEnt is one of those games that will be remembered and played for years to come so don’t miss out! Play the new Emojiplanet slot from NetEnt on our recommended online casinos!

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