Robs N Robbers – Slot Review

Cops N Robbers

cops n robbers play n go

Cops N Robbers Features

  • Hunt down robbers
  • Which side are you on?
  • Fun slot theme

Cops N Robbers Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Play N Go

Play n Go is one of the biggest names in the field of iGaming. This is a company that has remained under the radar for a long time. However, recently with its latest games, it has managed to climb to the very top. One of the most popular games is Cops n Robbers. This is a relatively old slot game that has gotten an update recently in 2018. This recently updated game will be the point of focus of this review. That being said, if you want to learn something more about this game, you’ve come to the right place. This is the review of this game from Enjoy!

Gameplay and core features

Do you know how to play slots? Well, then you know how to play Cops n Robbers. The tried and tested formula of slot machines is once again implemented in this game. All you need to do is place a bet and you’re good to go. You will need to click the “spin” button and then the game is on. The reels will spin and you will get a combination of symbols on the screen. And depending on if it’s a winning combination or not – you will get or lose some money.

This is the main core of the game. However, there are some unique features that you can look forward to in this game. You will find some more info about them below. All slot machines need to be different and unique in a way. This will guarantee that they will attract the attention of the players. If all the slots were alike, then no one would have any reason to pick one game over another.

Regular and special symbols

The game is about cops and robbers. This means that the symbols will do justice to this theme. There are the symbols of items of worth. In this category, there are money bags, gold, jewelry, fancy portraits and a gold watch. These are the symbols of higher value. There is another group of low-value symbols. These are the cops, criminals behind bars, handcuffs, and people’s mugshots. We have to commend Play n Go for the symbol ideas. They are quite original.

cops and robbersThere are also two special symbols that yield special rewards. The first symbol is the wild symbol. This is a vault that opens and that has gold stacks in it. If you get this symbol on the reels then you can combine it with other symbols for the win. The scatter symbol is an exception to this. And the more wild symbols you get on the reel – the higher the bonus payout.

The second special symbol is the scatter symbol. This symbol comes in the form of a police vehicle. If you get three or more scatter symbols on the reels, you activate the bonus game. During the bonus game, you get a number of free spins. The reels will keep turning. Above the reels, you look in the rearview while you drive a car. A police vehicle is chasing you around town. You will be given options every now and then. There will be roadblocks and you will need to choose to go left or right. If you hit a number of these sections properly – then you will escape from the cops. As a reward for this, you will double up your reward from the free spins.

Theme, music and graphics of Cops and Robbers slot

Again, the theme of this game is about cops and robbers. Many people are fascinated by this theme. If you want to fool around a bit and play the robber, then this game is for you. However, you shouldn’t expect any special over the top effects. This game is designed with simplicity in mind. You can’t really expect to see any fancy videos while playing it.

The music is catchy and fun to listen to. It will definitely help immerse you in the atmosphere. But in all cases, if you don’t like it, then you can turn it off.

Finally, the graphic is… nothing special. Since this is a new game you may come to expect that there will be great graphics. But this isn’t the case. In fact, this is an updated version of a classic. And there evidently wasn’t a lot of room for the improvement. The background for the bonus game is very bad in our opinion. There is a broken windshield pierced by bullets. We get that the creators went for a high-adrenaline speed chase. But either way, it looks very bland.

Double or nothing feature

There is also a double or nothing feature in this game. Every time you make a win, you will have the option to gamble. In this case, you will have the option to pick heads or tails. This will double up your win if you hit it right. But you will also be able to pick one of the four suits. This will quadruple your winnings if you hit it right. And in the first case, you have 50% of winning. In the second case, you have 25%. So, this is gambling at its finest. We recommend that only the most hardcore gamblers among you go for this option. It really sucks if you’ve made a big win but then decided to get too greedy and lost everything.

Cops N Robbers by Play N Go – In conclusion

Play n Go is a studio that definitely has a lot of potential. There are many games that this studio has made. And most of them are of top quality. Cops n Robbers is a good iteration of the age-old formula of the slot machines. And there are some nice additions such as the speed chase bonus game. The game itself oozes charm and if you’re fascinated by its theme then you will love it.

So, our best suggestion for you is to go and try this game out. Be sure to test it and see what it’s about. We think that you will like it. It has just enough to captivate the attention of most gamblers around the world.

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