Best PayTM Casinos 2022

India’s online gaming scene is growing quickly in 2022 and providing the payment solution to most of these online gaming enthusiasts is the PayTM payment provider. The Indian payment solution provides a convenient and safe platform for players to make deposits in this market. Here are some of the best PayTM casinos in 2022 that offer a bonus when making a deposit.

As the market grows more and more operators are jumping to PayTM (which stands for Pay Through Mobile) to ensure Indian players have a secure payment choice. Our review will dig out all the information you need about this service, you’ll find out the inner workings and leave with a solid understanding of PayTM and making online casino payments.

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If you want to play online casinos with Paytm, you will soon find how easy it is

More About PayTM

PayTM enables its users to make quick mobile payments to online casinos and other products or services that use debit and credit cards. This payment service launched in 2010 and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. At the time of writing, PayTM is only operational in India and Canada. PayTM has branched out into all areas of digital wallets, payment services and online shopping and gained a respectable reputation in doing so. They boast over 100 million registered users with that number steadily growing.

You can use the PayTM service in 11 languages, and the company as a whole is valued at over $10 billion. This company has online gaming to thank for its impressive growth, the rise of mobile gaming in India has seen a demand for online mobile payments across operators. The brand has grown so much that PayPal tried to sue them for using similar colours on their brand logo.

PayTM safety and security

PayTM hasn’t become the top choice of online payment in India by not implementing some serious security measures. All users of this payment method must be verified before they can carry out online transactions. It’s a pretty simple process to confirm your identity, you just have to complete the ‘know your customer’ requirements. This means you’ll need to visit one of the KYC-centres with your Aadhar card, Voter ID card, or PAN card to verify the account. It can be considered an inconvenience having to carry this out in person, but it is a safer and more secure way to verify your identity. It’s also worth noting that many online casinos require account verification, but this is usually don’t by uploading copies of your identity documents straight to your account.

This online payment service also operates under strict IT laws and regulations in India. This means all your data and online information is fully protected by law. As India’s largest payment providers, you can expect a high level of security and legitimacy.

Making PayTM Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Loading up your casino account with funds is a walk in the park when using PayTM. This payment provider makes the process simple thanks to its intuitive mobile app. To make a deposit you need to first create an account on the PayTM app. When you are creating your PayTM account you will need to provide your phone number, email and create a password. Once that is done you will need to connect your debit or credit card, this is done by heading over to the passbook section and enter the exact details of your card/bank account. Then you can head over to your preferred online casino and select PayTM as your choice of payment and then all you need to do is enter your PayTM VPA, which is your PayTM ID.

You will need to input the amount you wish to load onto your account and then a PayTM transfer request will be sent to you. Once you confirm this transfer your money will be pulled through PayTM into your online casino balance.

Withdrawals are even easier to process. All you need to do is head over to the banking section of your casino and select PayTM as your withdrawal method. Then you just enter your VPA and click confirm, this will then trigger an email and a notification from the official PayTM app.

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Just select Paytm as payment provider to make your casino deposit
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Screenshot of the Paytm website. Login to show your account

PayTM Casino 2022 – Transaction Times and Fees

Those who use PayTM will enjoy instant money transfers when making online casino payments. As an industry-leading payment provider in India, PayTM has made sure all funds are moved over without any delay, allowing players to ramp up the fun on their favourite online casino slots straight away.

Regarding fees, this payment provider does not impose any transaction fees themselves. However, there may be some fees attached to the bank you have linked your PayTM account to. It would be wise to check the bank’s policy on fees when it comes to moving funds using a third-party payment service. Many banks rely on the revenue from transfer costs so please be sure to look into this. It’s also worth mentioning that the casino operator may have banking fees, but these will be displayed when you make a deposit or withdrawal.

Using PayTM on mobile

Here’s an interesting fact, more than 100 million users have downloaded the PayTM mobile app. How impressive is that? The fully-fledged PayTM mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. The app has been designed to provide an intuitive user experience where you can effortlessly check your balance and make transactions across online casinos and other online retailers. You can stay in control of your money transfers using the app. Everything offered with PayTM is available on the mobile app, including the excellent support service.

PayTM Customer Support

PayTM have gone above and beyond to provide a high level of customer care. Their main form of support is an online ticket system where you can raise any questions or concerns and one of their friendly and helpful support agents will get back to you in good time with a response. If you have a general query, then the FAQs page may be the way to go. The FAQs page impresses with a good range of informative and easy to follow answers to the most general questions.

PayTM Casinos 2022 Summary

PayTM has grown into India’s largest online payment portal in 2022 and it’s not hard to see why. This payment service combines excellent security with unrivaled convenience with every transaction. Not only that, but customers will enjoy fee-free and instant transfers. If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable payment method for making casino deposits in unregulated markets such as India and Canada, then this might be a match made in heaven. The PayTM service is 100% legitimate and licensed by the Government of the Republic of India for complete peace of mind.

Advantages of PayTM

One of the great advantages of this mobile payment option is the easy to use interface. Users will be pleased with how simple it is to make money transfers using PayTM in casinos 2022 . It will never take more than a few taps to get your money from one place to another. Further to that is that PayTM offers its customers cashback incentives on certain purchases so you can earn a little as you spend.

Disadvantages of PayTM

One of the setbacks is that this payment gateway is not available in many countries, at the moment it only works in India and Canada. If you are based outside of these regions, then it would be best to check out other payment options.

Another drawback is that India is a country where internet security has always been below par and although PayTM takes all the approaches to make sure that all payments are safe and secure, it is still operating in a high-risk country.

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