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The online market for mobile gambling has increased exponentially in the last decade and Payforit is one of the companies that stepped up to fill this void in 2022 . Payforit is a leader in the mobile payment industry in the UK and they allow you to pay for online services using your mobile phone. In this case, you can deposit cash to your online casino account using Payforit and the amount is charged directly to your phone bill.

In the smartphone era, we’re in, Payforit is perfect for gambling at online casinos because, with just your phone, you can make instant deposits without signing up or incurring extra fees. Check out the list below to find casinos where you can use Payforit to make a deposit.

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This platform is currently limited to the UK and there are several websites that are linked to Payforit, allowing UK-based punters to enjoy the service. In this guide, you’ll get a thorough explanation about how Payforit works in 2022 , how to use it to deposit money into your online casino account, and get answers to any questions you might have.

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Use PayForIt as your main online casino deposit method today


Work began on the Payforit project in 2005 and two years later, the service was offered to UK mobile users as a credit card payment company. By the end of the decade, it was clear that the future was in mobile telephony and a change was made to switch to the current way they run now.

The concept of Payforit was conceived when the four biggest UK mobile companies: 02, 3, Vodafone and EE joined together to set up a mobile scheme that could be used by their subscribers to make purchases directly from their mobile phones. The purchases would be added to the phone bill of the subscribers and charges would be deducted automatically from airtime of prepaid subscribers and charges would be added to the monthly bill of people on a monthly plan.

Why You Should Choose Payforit

Due to the pace of modern day society and the busy lives we live, people tend to use their mobile devices much more than they use their computers and this has also reflected in the online casino industry. A number of e-payment platforms have risen to fill this need, including Payforit

Payforit has fast established a name for itself when it comes to mobile-based financial transactions and this applies to online casinos. They are known for the speed, convenience, and security that they bring to making payments and they’ve already gained the trust of major online casinos.

Although Payforit is owned by the four biggest UK-based mobile phone companies, the service isn’t limited to just them as it’s available to all UK mobile networks.

How Payforit Works at the Casino 2022

Connecting your Payforit to your casino account is easy, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1)     Find a casino that accepts Payforit: Many UK-based casinos support Payforit, pick one of them and you’re good to go.

2)     Make sure your phone number is a UK-based number: Payforit only works with UK-based numbers so make sure the number you’re using is one.

That’s basically it, that easy. It’s important to note that there are two ways you can use Payforit to pay bills: single click and Wi-Fi billing. Single click billing works with your mobile data and all you need to do is click once and your charge is processed. As you’re using mobile data, your phone number is automatically recognized. With Wi-Fi billing however, your number will be required and a confirmation code will be texted to the number provided. You’ll then use that code to verify your transaction.

Deposits and Withdrawal on Payforit Casinos

Making deposits: Log into your casino account and go to the cashier/banking option in “my account”. Click on the “Payforit” link or the “pay by mobile/SMS” link and on the page you’re directed to, input the amount you’d like deposited and confirm if you’re using your mobile network. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you’ll need to enter your phone number as well to receive the code that will be sent.

When you get the code, copy and paste it on the deposit page to confirm the payment. It’s that simple. You’ll get a confirmation message immediately after and you can proceed to placing your bets.

Making withdrawals: unfortunately, Payforit does not support withdrawals so you’ll have to withdraw your winnings another way.

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Choose PayForIt to deposit money into your account by choosing it in the payment menu at the casino website
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Screenshot of the website of PayForIt by PaySchools

Pros and Cons of Payforit in 2022

Payforit offers some advantages over other payment platforms such as:

Speed and convenience: Payforit allows you to make deposits easily and quickly, cutting down on delays like bank issues. As long as you have enough airtime or use a monthly plan, your deposit will reflect immediately. You don’t need to register either, as long as your mobile phone company supports Payforit, you’re good to go.

Privacy: as your bank details are not needed, the risk of your personal banking information being hacked reduces drastically.

Simplicity: Because your phone number is the only thing you need, you don’t have to remember any passwords as the code to make the transaction will be sent to your phone anyway.

No fees: making deposits on Payforit is free, you only have to worry about (possible) casino charges.

The platform also has some disadvantages such as:

Availability: the platform is available only in the UK.

Vulnerability: Losing your phone can expose you to fraud as your number can then be used to verify codes easily.

No withdrawals: The fact that it doesn’t allow withdrawals is a problem as users have to find another platform to withdraw with.

Fees and Limit

When you make deposits on Payforit, you don’t have to worry about any extra charges as the money is being added to your phone bill. However, there’s a £30 limit on every transaction, perfect for small-time gamblers but disliked by heavy rollers who like to bet huge sums.

Payforit FAQ 2022

How safe is it to gamble in Payforit casinos?

Very safe, as your phone number is receiving the code, your banking details cannot be accessed by any hackers online.

What are Payforit casinos?

They are casinos that give you the option of using Payforit as a payment method.

How long do Payforit transactions take in 2022 ?

They are very quick, as long as you have airtime on your phone or are subscribed to a monthly plan, your deposit will go through immediately.

Do I need to sign up for Payforit?

No, you don’t. As long as the casino you’re using is supported by Payforit, you can go ahead to make deposits without having to sign up.

How much are the charges for using Payforit?

No, there are no extra charges on this platform.

Can I make withdrawals using Payforit?

Unfortunately, no. That isn’t supported yet.

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