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€123 + 10% CashBack

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Fun Casino

FunCasino takes you on a happy trip on a colourful website with the little round smiling balls following you wherever you want to go. There are thousands and thousands of online casinos where you can play your favourite gambling games. Many of them are fully legit, and they offer good odds on the gambling games. But some of the online casinos are outright scams, and they would like nothing more than to take your hard-earned money.

This is the exact reason as to why you will want to investigate all there is about the online gambling market. You’ll want to read casino reviews such as this one so that you will know whether a particular website is based on scam principles. Well, today we’ll share some information on the casino website of Funcasino. What’s this casino like? Are there any solid games that you can play? Should you come and visit it in your spare time, or should you check out some other website? And most importantly, is this casino truly legit? Read more to find out.

Games at Funcasino

There is a big selection of games that are available at Funcasino. Slot games are available in all shapes and sizes – be sure to check out the exhaustive list of the slots in order to see what games are available. Among the games, you will be able to find Aztec Magic, Heads and Tales, Brave Vikings, and many other highly popular slot games from some of the best online slot developers. Fear not, because the slots are not the only type of game that you will be able to find at Funcasino.

There are also the other classic gambling games, such as Blackjack and poker. There’s also baccarat, for those of you that wish to play this game. And finally, there’s the option for you to play roulette, both the American version and the French version. So, you don’t need to wait any longer – just get on the Funcasino website and you’ll be well on your way to having a great gambling experience, playing some of the best gambling games that are available in the online world of gaming.

Technical support and payment methods


As to the technical support, we have managed to find only a single way in which you can contact the team – via writing your question and sending it to them. If you have any kind of question about the casino, then be sure to write to the tech support team of Funcasino, and they will give you the answer to your question soon enough.

However, there is a unique aspect of Funcasino, and it’s the fact that you can use only cryptocurrencies in order to make payments to and from the casino. You can use both bitcoin and funcoin for this purpose. Funcoin is one of the newest additions in the cryptocurrency market, and it gains in popularity as time goes on. So, if you don’t want the banks to track your payments in any kind of way, you can use the cryptocurrencies bitcoin and funcoin in order to make deposits and withdrawals from Funcasino. Nothing could be easier than this, and the entire process is relatively simple. You can read more about it in the frequently asked questions section at the website whenever you feel like it.

Bonuses and free spins

As far as we could tell, there is not a single promotional offer on the website. Typically, you’ll see that the case is that most online casinos offer some kind of a welcome bonus for the new players. This is done for the purpose of convincing the new players to come and visit the particular website and play their favourite games there – until the moment of the tipping point when they create a habit and continue to play at that website because they are addicted to it. Well, Funcasino doesn’t care about all this – the casino’s primary goal is to offer high-quality games and unique payment methods and the best thing about all this is that they have done a good job at this.

So, if you want to play at casinos where you will get hefty bonuses when signing up and making your initial deposits – then it’s best for you to search elsewhere.

There are simply no bonuses at Funcasino – at least as far as we can tell. There are no free spins bonuses either – again, the typical case is that the casino will offer a free spins bonus to the players that wish to try the slot games out. The slots are the most profitable games for the online casinos, and it makes perfect sense that they would try to entice the gamblers to play more of the slot games. But this simply isn’t the case at Funcasino.

Final notes on Funcasino

The only downside of this casino is that there are no casino bonus offers. But there are a few unique upsides as well – namely the fact that you can use cryptocurrencies to make payments and withdrawals. And there are still some terrific games that you can try out and have fun with while you’re gambling away. So, this casino still gets our seal of approval – you can try it out and see for yourself whether you will like it.

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