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On this page, we will go into depth and provide the best Flexepin Casinos that are available in 2022 . Pick a casino below that accepts Flexepin to make a deposit and receive a generous welcome bonus or keep reading to learn more.

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Flexepin may be the new kid on the block when it comes to the prepaid voucher market, but this voucher payment service is flexing some serious perks. This payment provider delivers a more secure alternative to making deposits than the conventional forms of payment such as debit cards and eWallets. Flexepin is a voucher that you purchase with a fixed amount of funds loaded on the voucher, there are some great benefits to this form of payment. We’re going to take a more pressing look into the features and benefits available in 2022 of this convenient payment service.

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4-Step-Guide to use Flexepin payment for casino deposits

More About the Company Flexepin

Flexepin is a payment product from the Flexewallet online payment solutions company which was born out of Australia. This company has only been on the scene since 2015 but its parent company has been around since 1996. The payment service has been developed to provide ease of use, excellent level of security and efficiency. Players can enjoy making deposits with complete anonymity since no information is required during the payment process.

The payment service works like this, you purchase a Flexepin voucher from retail outlets and kiosks around Australia and Canada (with more countries to be added) with however much money you wish to have on it. Then you simply use the 16-digit code to complete a transaction. You can only use the voucher once so when you need to load more money you have to use a new prepaid Flexepin voucher. The maximum value attributed to a single card is $500 with the range of amounts available covering $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300 and $500. This service is available in Australian dollars, the Canadian dollar, British Pound, the Euro and more. Flexepin is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more online gambling operators list it among their accepted payment methods.

Flexepin safety and security

Flexepin offers a high level of payment safety thanks to its prepaid voucher form. This form of payment is widely considered a safer alternative to conventional deposit options as you have to purchase the physical voucher before you can make the payment, meaning that you are protected from any encryption hacks where third parties steal your information. As long as you keep the voucher safe then your money is safe. The biggest risk is that you physically misplace or lose the voucher, then someone has access to your pin and any funds loaded on the voucher.

There is no admin work involved during the payment process. Your details are not taken so there is nothing store on the online casino system with your bank account information. What’s more, the voucher means you don’t link to a third-party banking provider. This means the risk of identity thefts, misappropriation, and other fraudulent activities is eliminated.

It’s worth noting that there is the possibility of using a rogue site selling Flexepin vouchers so make sure you only purchase vouchers from a reputable retail shop. It’s also important to make sure you only deposit using secure and trusted online casinos, which you can find on this page.

Using Flexepin to make Deposits and Withdrawals

Before you can make a deposit using Flexepin at a casino in 2022 , you need to acquire a Flexepin voucher. The best way of doing this is by going to the official Flexepin website and using the store located to find your closest Flexepin retailer. These can range from normal stores, post offices, gas stations and more, depending on what county you’re in. Once you have found a Flexepin retailer, you can purchase a prepaid voucher card with some funds loaded on to it.

Making a deposit using the Flexepin payment method is not the same as your conventional deposit methods. However, it’s still a very simple process. First, make sure your online casino accepts Flexepin as payment, you can find the best Flexepin online casinos on this page. Then it’s just a case of going over to the deposit page and picking Flexepin as your choice of payment and how much you wish to deposit. Then you will see a field where you can enter the 16-digit Flexepin voucher code, once you enter this code the money will be transferred on to into our online gaming balance from your Flexepin voucher. You can only deposit the entire balance on your Flexepin voucher and not some of it and then the remainder at another time, it must be used entirely.

Making withdrawals is not possible with Flexepin, this is because money cannot move to your voucher once it has been used. You will have to withdraw your winnings to a separate payment method altogether.

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Easily click the Flexepin payment and enter the amount you want to deposit
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Fill in your pin code and confirm the deposit in your Flexepin account

Flexepin Casino 2022 – Transaction Speed and Fees

Transaction times are instant when you use this payment service. The money is moved over without a delay so you can enjoy your real money casino games straight away.

In the majority of cases, there are no fees attached to using Flexepin to top up your online casino balance. However, there are cases where the online gaming operator adds general deposit and withdrawal fees to the transaction. These are set by the operator and not the payment provider.

If you are a resident of Canada, then you will need to pay a convenience fee which is set according to the voucher value. The fees associated with Flexepin are specific to each country, some don’t have fees, and some do, so make sure you look up the fees related to your specific region.

Flexepin also allows refunds to be made within a year of the voucher purchase date. If you get a refund for the vouchers full value within 14 days of purchase, then no fee is imposed but if you request a refund of the funds after 14 days then there will be a fee around $30 to process the refund.

Using Flexepin on mobile casino

Mobile gaming is the future and that’s no secret. Topping up your mobile online casino account using Flexepin is a breeze. The same process is in place, so the user experience is dependent on the quality of the online casino’s mobile site. Flexepin does not have a dedicated mobile app but the mobile site is very responsive and looks great on mobile devices.

Flexepin Customer Support

This online payment provider does a great job of providing top customer support to its customers. You can reach out to the support team on the Flexepin website which provides a web form for any messages you wish to send. You will also find some useful information on staying safe and avoiding any scams, here you can check the official merchants of Flexepin and what some scams may look like. Flexepin also has a blog where you can find out the latest news and stay up to date with the latest. If you have a general question about the payment service, then you’ll find a quick answer within the FAQs page which is easily found on the Flexepin website.

telephone: +61-04-8356-2771

email: [email protected]

Flexepin Casino 2022 – Conclusion

The pre-paid voucher market is still growing and Flexepin has entered with a solid product that will appeal to many online casino players in 2022 . The perfect protection it offers for online transactions stands as the highlight of this service. It has gained a very positive reputation across the countries it operates in but there’s still room for more growth. This payment voucher is a safe and convenient choice for those who want full anonymity with their online transactions.

Advantages of using Flexepin Casinos

There are a lot of great advantages to using this convenient voucher payment. The first is that it is extremely safe to use as there is no personal or financial information attached so it offers great security without compromise. The safety surrounding this prepaid voucher card is why so many customers pick Flexepin as their go-to payment choice. As it is a pre-paid payment method you can maintain complete control of your sending limits, so you’re not in danger of going past your gambling budget.

Disadvantages of Flexepin Casinos

With any payment service, there are a few niggles to be aware of. One of the limitations is that there are still countries where this service is not available and depending on your location you may be subject to a convenience fee for using the service, this applied to users based in Canada.

Although Flexepin is still growing it doesn’t cover all currencies yet.

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