Best eZeeWallet Casinos 2022

There are several new options becoming available for casino players and the E-wallet, eZeeWallet has quickly become popular among players in 2022 . eZeeWallet allows you to make all casino transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely. You can instead focus on playing and winning on your favorite casino games. Keep on reading to learn more about how to use eZeeWallet or pick one of the casinos below that accepts eZeeWallet to make a deposit in 2022 .

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The digital payment company prides itself on providing an alternative to traditional payment methods and they provide services for institutions and individuals on a global scale, offering an effective way to secure finances for all their customers

There are different factors for users to consider before choosing a payment platform such as how easily you can use the site, how secure the site is against hackers and data leaks, if the service is available in your location and if you’re allowed to make transactions in your preferred currency. All these factors and more will be addressed in this review and by the end of the article, you will know all about eZeeWallet and will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you will choose them to fund your casino transactions.

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You are always only a few steps away from playing casino with your eZeeWallet account

Overview of eZeeWallet

While the firm has technically been around since 2002 under the doing business name (DBA) of Emerchantpay, the British company entered the UK FinTech scene early this year and according to reports, it allows users make all kinds of cash transactions in over 180 countries and allows individuals and corporations the use of several payment options like Giropay, Trustly, and MyBank to deposit and make other transactions in Euro funds.

Why You Should Choose eZeeWallet Casino 2022

As the years pass, completing financial transactions becomes easier and you can now buy, sell and make all kinds of transactions on the go safely and easily. Industries like the online casino industry have also benefited from this since all payment platforms provide payment services for online casino punters on their mobile devices. The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a part in the increase in popularity of e-wallets like eZeeWallet as the transmission mode of the virus means many people now actively avoid crowded spaces like casinos and in-store payments because they know they can fund and play their favorite casino games from the safety of their homes.

Originally launched to cater to the shopping industry, eZeeWallet has quickly become popular in the online casino industry due to the speed of transactions and security measures they have deployed to safeguard the funds and personal information of their users. They also allow their users in over 180 countries to withdraw, deposit and load money with other payment platforms and the company is partnered with credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard to enhance their user experience. Additionally, their interface is user-friendly across several devices like Mac and Windows PCs, android smartphones and tablets.

How It Works

To use the service, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with them, you can do that by visiting their official site and registering as a personal user or as a business by following the prompts.
  2. After creating an account, login and deposit some money by following the prompts. You can make deposits on the wallet by using any number of payment options such as: Visa, MasterCard, MultiBanco, Giropay, EPS etc.
  3. Once the funds are in the wallet, you can deposit the funds in an online casino by signing in and following the prompts to deposit funds there.

Deposit and Withdrawal on eZeeWallet Casinos

Deposits: Before you try to deposit, make sure the online casino you register to supports eZeeWallet payments and then sign in. Navigate to the “deposits” section and click on the eZeeWallet icon. On the page you’re directed to, enter the amount and other relevant details and submit the form. As long as you’ve followed the right steps, your online casino account will reflect the payment made in a short while.

Withdrawals: Login to your casino account and navigate to the withdrawals page, then click on the eZeeWallet icon and fill in the appropriate details on the page you’re redirected to and submit the page. If you’ve correctly filled in the details, the money will be paid into your eZeeWallet balance as soon as possible.

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Click eZeeWallet and make a casino deposit
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Once your eZeeWallet deposit is done, you can enjoy playing

Pros and Cons of eZeeWallet Casinos in 2022


Variety: Available in over 180 countries, eZeeWallet allows their users to withdraw, deposit and sometimes transfer funds. They are also set up to receive payments from other payment platforms, making it easy for users to fund with very little hassle.

Withdrawals: Not many e-wallets allow users to withdraw funds. eZeeWallet gives users the option to withdraw funds which makes it more convenient for the users who do not have to find another payment platform to make withdrawals on.

Security: As an e-wallet, eZeeWallet has very good security as it acts as a buffer between the online casino and the user’s private information, making it less likely to be compromised if the online casino has a security breach. The platform also uses the best security measure available and dedicated teams to examine transactions carefully for suspicious activity.

No deductions: With eZeeWallet, the exact amount you pay into your online casino account is what you’ll see there, there will be no sneaky deductions made.

Speed: eZeeWallet transactions are very fast as their payments reflect in the user’s casino balance almost instantaneously after completing the transaction. This is popular with online casino users as it allows them to enjoy playing their favorite casino games as soon as possible.

Device compatibility and easy to use: The platform is very easy to navigate and has deliberately been optimized for use by mobile users.


Limited reach: Despite the number of countries it’s available in, the payment platform isn’t particularly recognizable yet and still has a long way to go to catch up with the leading e-wallet platforms and become widely available.

Fees and Limit

With eZeeWallet, fees and limits are dependent on the online casino you’re using. The e-wallet platform does not charge any fees.

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eZeeWallet FAQs

Can I make withdrawals with eZeeWallet?

Yes you can, that is one of the biggest reasons users choose the service.

Why should I use eZeeWallet?

Because they protect your personal information by acting as a buffer between the online casino and your banking/credit card details.

How quick are eZeeWallet transactions?

They are very quick, reflecting almost instantaneously.

How safe is eZeeWallet?

eZeeWallet is very safe  as the platform uses the latest security measures to safeguard user data.

Can I use eZeeWallet in mobile casinos?

Yes you can.

Can I use eZeeWallet in most online casinos?

No, you can’t. Although they have users in over 180 countries according to the website, they haven’t yet caught on and are still unavailable in many casinos.

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