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Internet memes are fun and all, but no one could have expected any to make a significant impact in any culture or subculture. One of the world’s biggest memes of all time, the Doge meme, featured a likeness of a confused Shiba Inu dog that was used to express a kind of internal monologue.

Besides being funny, this meme was also used as a basis for a cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin. The Dogecoin was created for fun and features the same confused Shiba Inu just like one could expect. No one believed that it would really take off, but it quickly grew a strong online community and gained a cult following online, reaching a capitalization of $60 million in early 2014.

Created as a “joke currency”, Dogecoin is commonly used in online casinos across the USA and the world in 2022 . Our Dogecoin page can serve you as an excellent guide to the best Dogecoin casinos in 2022 and tell you all you need to know about the unusual cryptocurrency.

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Guide how to use Dogecoin cryptocurrency as a payment method for online casinos

What is Dogecoin?

Established in 2013, Dogecoin was first created as a “joke currency”. Its creators, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer had no idea that it would ever break ground. Shortly after it went live, Dogecoin established a strong Internet presence in a time when the Doge meme was still riding high.

It didn’t take long for people to start to recognize its potential. In 2014, not a year after its launch, Dogecoin reached a capitalization of $60 million. It also developed its own active community online, mainly consisting of thousands of faithful devotees to the Doge meme.

As the base of fans grew, Dogecoin casinos started to appear. Year after year, the Dogecoin myth grew. As the online gambling industry started shifting toward cryptocurrencies, the number of Dogecoin casinos rose as well. Right now, you can use Dogecoin in a wide range of casinos you can find at the top of this page.

Just like with any cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is fast, easy to use, and offers fast transactions. Of course, it comes with a few disadvantages as well, just like any other payment methods. As a decentralized crypto payment, Dogecoin offers something other payment methods don’t – anonymity.

Many online wallets support Dogecoin in 2022 . All crypto exchanges also support it, so it’s easy to buy the funny Dogecoins and use them in cryptocurrency casinos. You must buy some and store them in a cold or hot wallet before you join a site you can find at the top of this page and start playing casino games with Dogecoin.

How to Play with Dogecoin in a casino 2022

Using Dogecoin in online casinos isn’t any different than using Bitcoin, for example. The fact that it’s a cryptocurrency makes things very easy. While most people are confused about cryptos and think they’re hard to use, they’re actually among the simplest payment methods for use in online casinos.

While it’s still not as big as Bitcoin in the world of online gambling, the number of Dogecoin casinos is on the rise. Playing at Dogecoin casino sites will first require you to buy Dogecoin from a crypto exchange and register at one of the recommended Dogecoin sites listed on our site.

Signing up in any online casino is easy. You only need to follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your profile and start playing with Dogecoin. Once your account is confirmed, you can proceed to the Payments (or Cashier) page to fund your account for the first time.

Before that happens, it is advisable to check out the promotions section and see if there’s a welcome bonus you can claim. Make sure to check and see if Dogecoin qualifies for it as well. If it does, you should make a deposit with the crypto and claim the bonus funds.

Deposits with Dogecoin are instant. You should select it from the list of options at the casino site and enter the desired amount. The technicalities may differ from one site to another, but in most cases, deposits via cryptocurrencies are as simple as it gets.

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Select Doge as payment method
amount deposit doge payment screenshot
Choose amount you want to deposit to the online casino
payment doge crypto currency account
Confirm the payment at your Doge crypto currency account

Fees and Limits of Dogecoin 2022

Just like with all cryptos, Dogecoin deposits and withdrawals are not free. The fees are, however, truly insignificant. In most cases, the fee is a tiny 1 doge per 1,000 bytes. Instead of going technical about it, we can only say that that kind of sum per transaction is too small to make a big difference.

Those fees can be higher if a casino decides to charge them. While the best Dogecoin on our pages won’t charge any transaction fees, others might decide to do so. In this case, you will have the Dogecoin fee and the casino fee to pay, resulting in more crypto spent.

Of course, you should only aim for casino sites that don’t charge any transaction fees. There are no known transaction volumes limits to Dogecoin. However, keep in mind that a casino will almost certainly impose a limit on the amount you can deposit and withdraw.

Transfer Times

One of the best things about using cryptos in online casinos are their transfer times. To put it simply, everything is handled instantly. You won’t need to wait for hours to get your winnings. As soon as your withdrawal request is approved, you’ll get your money to your account in seconds.

The same goes for Dogecoin. The popular cryptocurrency does extremely well in this regard, with the average payout time being around 60 seconds. Getting your winnings to your account in a minute is not something many other payment options can brag about. Wow, much speed, ain’t it?

Of course, all Dogecoin transactions are perfectly safe and secure too and anonymous. That should get many players to choose this banking option at online casinos over others.

Dogecoin Casino Bonuses

Players who use Dogecoin in online casinos can earn themselves plenty of different bonus offers. Many cryptocurrency casino sites offer specific crypto bonuses when you use Bitcoin, or, in rare cases, Dogecoin.

When you play in online casinos, these are the types of bonuses you can expect:

  • Welcome Bonuses: these bonuses are the bread and butter of any online casino. The top Dogecoin casino sites you can see at the top of our page all offer attractive welcome bonuses that will double your initial bankroll or more as soon as you join them.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: a no deposit bonus is a freebie you get without making a deposit. While rare, it can be found at some Dogecoin online casinos. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and learn the wagering requirements before claiming it – it’s not 100% free.
  • Cashbacks and Reloads: cashbacks and reloads are a great way to replenish your depleted bankroll. They are usually issued daily or weekly and will cover a portion of your losses.
  • Free Spins: free spins are a perfect bonus for slot fans. They usually come attached to a welcome bonus, but can also be part of a deposit bonus or some other freebie.

Customer Support

While there’s no official support for Dogecoin, the community is very active and will be helpful if you have any questions. And you can read more about it on their website. Of course, the Dogecoin casinos in our directory offer 24/7 customer support, so if you want to ask something, the customer support agents will be more than happy to assist you any way they can.

Pros and Cons of Dogecoin Casinos

The cool Dogecoin is an excellent choice for deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. Some of its pros include its speed, security, and of course, the lack of deposit/withdrawal limits.

Using Dogecoin in online casinos is very simple so even beginners can do it. In terms of cons, there aren’t too many. If we had to pick one, it would be the lack of official customer support. However, the pros far outweigh them, so you can freely use Dogecoin to play your favorite casino games online.

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Can I use Dogecoin in my country?

Yes, Dogecoin transactions are not bound by geographical restrictions. It’s a decentralized cryptocurrency you can use anywhere in the world.

How fast are the transactions?

Dogecoin transactions are lightning-fast. On average, they are completed in around 60 seconds.

Are there any fees?

Dogecoin charges a tiny fee for each transaction, but it’s too insignificant to be concerned about.

What are the minimum/maximum deposit and withdrawal limits?

The coolest thing about this cryptocurrency is that it has no limits on deposits and withdrawals. Your casino of choice might have, however, so make sure to check the terms before using Dogecoin online.

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