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Best Online Casinos right now

€1000 Bonus
€1000 + 35 Big Spins + 25 Free Spins
€500 + 50 Free Spins
€2500 + 50 Free Spins
€3000 + 100 Free Spins
€750 + 660 Free Spins
32 000 kr
€50 Free + €3000 Bonus
€600 + 200 Free Spins
10% Top-up/Cashback + €300
€200 + 25 Free Spins
€1000 + 250 Free Spins
$1000 + 150 Free Spins
€1500 + 200 Free Spins
€200 + 150 Free Spins
€131 + 100 Free Spins
€450 + 130 Free Spins
Free £10
€200 + 250 Free Spins
320 Free Spins
€200 + 110 Free Spins

Playing Casino Online

Playing online casino has become very popular and it one of the most fun and entertaining hobby. There are constantly new casinos, bonus offers and casino games. This website is created to help you to choose the best online casino. All casinos that are listed on this website have been tested so we can make sure that we only recommend the best of the best. In addition to promoting reliable and secure casinos we provide the best bonus offers on the market. Through many years of experience and partnerships with online casinos, we have managed to get several exclusive bonus offer that you can not find anywhere else. We are very pleased to offer our visitors our services.

online casinoPlaying at an online casino is as we said a quite new phenomena. Previously, you had to get to a physical casino to get the excitement of spinning the wheels or rolling the dice. Technology and development are moving in an enormous pace making it possible to play casino from almost anywhere in the world. This is of course a fantastic development that we can have so much fun with playing casino from our mobile or computer. Casino games are easy to learn but new exciting games are launched every month. Often they have themes from the movies or music industry that enhances the entertainment value.

How to find the best casino online?

The best way to find a best online casino is to visit Here you can read reliable reviews and compare the best online casinos on the market. We only list reputable online casino sites with amazing gaming experience and unique bonuses. All our casinos are hand-picked by our team and we of course only recommend the best of the best. Our goal is to facilitate the best service for comparing secure online casinos. Choose a casino and collect your bonus from the list above for the chance of a life-changing experience, or read on to learn more before you decide which casino to choose.

Online Casino Gaming experience

Casino is all about having fun. There is nothing worse than a bad casino were you have problems with withdrawals and were you get spam emails. For us the quality and security is the most important factor. A casino should also be quick and have a stylish design with simple easy-to-navigate websites. When entering the casino is should be self-explanatory where to find the most important functions. To get the best gaming experience it is also crucial with a wide variety of quality games. You should be able to play all popular types of casino games. Another important factor to make the gaming experience fun and convenient is that payments should be fast, simple and managed in a secure and encrypted environment. Last but not least the customer service should have long opening hours, be friendly and always put the player in the driver seat.

Casino Games

There any many type of casino games. The most popular games are slots, black jack and roulette but there are hundreds of other type of games. Most casinos have a few hundreds sometime thousand games that you can choose from. In recent years we have seen huge development within all types of casino games. Slots are now often made in 3D-graphic with many new and exciting game functionality.When it comes to black jack and roulette it is now very common to play against a live dealer that you see through a webcam. The graphics, sounds and gaming experience it just getting better for every years.

Progressive Jackpots

For most casino players the dream is to win on a progressive jackpot. Mega Fortune is one of the most popular progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a slot machine that the money that you can win is constantly growing. Many people have become financially independent by winning that jackpot on slots such as Mega Fortune. The biggest win on Mega Fortune up until today is 160 million. The winner of 160 million was a student who betted very little money and was very lucky. Many people dream about the live changing experience as it is to win the jackpot. There are many different game developers and casinos that offers these kind of slots.

Benefits of Playing Casino Online

casino onlineTo play in a real physical casino is a great experience with an atmosphere of excitement and luxury. But if you do not live near any physical casino but enjoy playing from your couch or while waiting for the bus, online casino is a great option. More and more people enjoy the ease of playing from home in a safe and secure environment. You can even play with a real dealer that you see through a webcam, which is also known as Live Casino. Another benefit of playing at a casino online is that you have many more choices of games that you can play. Physical casinos normally have a good selection of casino games but when playing on an online casino your have several hundreds sometimes thousands of games to choice between. It is much easier to launch a new game for a casino online that for a physical casino. Therefor you will often see new games being launched in together with other event such as Christmas, World Cup, Movies and more. In this way it is impossible for physical casinos to keep up with the development of online casinos.

Online casino bonuses

If you are new to online casino it might come as a surprise to you that you can get extremely good offers from online casinos. The bonus can come in many different forms. It can be a free bonus with no deposit on it can be a bonus when depositing money. Sometime you can also get products or tickets when starting to play at a casino. The type of bonuses can vary much but it is definitely something that you should take advantage of. It is not uncommon that you get a 100% bonus which means that the casino will double up your money. For example if you deposit €100 you will get additionally €100 and have in total €200 to play for. It is a very good way to get more money to play with and increases your chances of winning. On the list at the top of this page you can find some of the best casino bonuses today!

Bonus without deposit

Playing casino online is fun and exciting, especially when you have the chance to win real money. Every time you spin the wheel you have a chance win big. Sometimes you may not have money to spend on online casino but still want the excitement of playing for real money. Another reason for a bonus without deposit is to try the casino before you decide to make a deposit. Then a casino bonus with no deposit is the right option for you. It’s really insane that you can, without spending any money and completely without any risk, have the chance to win millions. If you have the chance to try this type of bonus you should definitely use it.

New online casinos

There are constantly coming new online casinos. Often those casinos offers something new and exciting. It can be a great bonus offers and exciting promotions or a gaming experience that are much more fun. It can be difficult for a regular casino player to keep track of new casinos that are being launch. At we will list new casinos that offer something good to you as a player and that meet certain criteria. For new casinos it is very important to make sure that they have a high level of security. Once we found a trusted new casino we will list it here. We also know from experience that it is often very good for casino players to try out new casinos online to collect an extraordinary bonus or having a new experience.

Online Casino on Mobile or Tablet

Playing online casino on your mobile or tablet is equally popular as playing on your computer. You can play everything from blackjack, roulette and hundreds of casino games and slot machines from your sofa or while you are on the go. Only a few years ago there were very few people playing on their mobile device but today it is around 50%. It is very exciting that you can play games on your mobile and at the same time have the chance to win big. There are many examples of people who have become millionaires when they won the jackpot while sitting on the bus or during a coffee break at work.

On, we have tested many mobile casinos and ranked them by best gaming experience. A casino on a mobile device can sometimes look completely different from a casino on the computer. The design for a mobile casino is very important to get the best possible gaming experience. To learn more about mobile casinos please visit our page about mobile casino.

Online Casino 2017

Each year new casinos and casino games are coming to the market. To play at a casino 2017 will be more fun that ever. Casinos are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas of how to make the gaming experience more fun. When playing online casino 2017 you will be able to collect better bonuses than ever before. There will also be many new types of games that you can play. There will probably be a lot of innovation within Live Casino and VR Casino. When playing again a live dealer you will get an even more real feeling.

Secure & reliable online casino

Once you have played casino online for some time is that it will be pretty obvious that there are good and bad casinos. There is nothing worse than a bad casino. Due to the large number of new casinos it is difficult for a regular player to keep track on which casinos that are trustworthy. Where you will get your payments in time and where the customers service live to your expectations. To simplify the process of choosing online casino we have created Through many years of experience and daily contact with many people in the casino industry, we keep ourselves updated and pass that knowledge to you. Playing at a casino online should be fun and simple. We are proud to be an independent casino guide that only list the casinos that meet our criteria. So that you will get a secure and reliable gaming experience.

Responsible Gaming

Do not forget that it is always best to play with moderation. supports responsible gaming. If you or anyone that you know are playing too much please make sure to seek help. Even though casinos have good customer terms and conditions and strict policys to discover gambling problem it is always good to be careful. To play online casino should be fun.

Online casino – Summary

Playing at online casino is among the most relaxing and exciting things that you can do on your leisure time. After a long day, it is wonderful to just sit down and play a while before doing other obligations. When you are looking for a new and exciting online casino why would you waste your time searching when we have all trusted and secure casinos listed here? Make sure to try one of our recommended casinos listed at the top of this page.

One more reason to get into online casino is the huge wins that been made every day. Why not play and try to get some of these big wins? Did you know that many big winners are those who just signed up and deposited a small amount of money and won the jackpot! Choose an online casino that we recommend to play at one of the best casino online today. Good luck on your journey to becoming a millionaire at online casino!

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