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SMS payment platforms are a mode of payment that use your mobile phone number to validate your transactions by either removing the amount deposited from your airtime balance, adding the amount to your monthly phone bill, or in the case of SMS Voucher, an invoice will be sent to you by SMS and you’ll be required to pay for it before a specified time. Pick a casino below in the updated ranking table of the best SMS Vouchers casinos in 2022 or continue reading to learn more about this payment method.

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There are several factors to consider before picking a payment service to use such as; “how secure is the platform?”, “does it allow me to make transactions in my preferred currency?”, and “how easy is the platform to navigate” among others. All these questions and more will be answered in this guide and by the end of the article, you will be able to use SMS Voucher to complete online casino transactions in 2022 easily.

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Use your phone and SMS Voucher to pay at online casinos 2021!

Introduction to SMS Voucher Company

A relatively unknown Stockholm-based payment platform, SMS Voucher is used primarily by Sweden, Norway and a few other European countries and supports only these three currencies; the Swedish kronor, the Norwegian kroner and the Euro. Originally used for making gaming, travel and music streaming payments, the platform has since been used to make online casino payments after the casino industry realized how well-suited it is for casino transactions.

Why You Should Choose Sms Voucher Casino 2022

Nowadays, many people like to use their mobile phones to handle transactions on the go and tech companies have adapted  to that trend. You can now buy, sell and make transactions easily and the online casino industry has benefited from adapting their sites for mobile use as more punters are willing to play casino games online instead of looking for the nearest casino.

SMS Voucher is one of the platforms that make it possible for users to fund their casino accounts from the comfort of their homes in 2022 . They have a reputation for very fast and secure transactions and they live up to it. Furthermore, all transactions are free as they do not charge any extra fees. They also eliminate the need for users to provide their financial/personal information and are very easy to obtain.

How does SMS Voucher Work?

You can obtain an SMS Voucher by either buying one on the SMS Voucher website by choosing the amount and submitting your phone number and country in for provided or you can get one from any approved dealer around. To use the card, you can;

  1. Log in to your online casino account after confirming that it supports SMS Voucher payments.
  2. Navigate to deposits and click on the SMS Voucher icon.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit as well as your mobile phone number and social security number and hit send.
  4. A PIN will be sent to your number, use it to validate the transaction and the amount will be added to your casino account.

You will be sent a text message containing the invoice which you have 2 weeks to pay for. Failure to settle the invoice within that time limit will attract fines and an interest on the payment when you eventually make the payment.

Deposits and Withdrawal on SMS Voucher Casinos in 2022

Making deposits: Login to your casino account, navigate to “deposits” and click on the SMS Voucher icon. Fill in the relevant information of your phone number, social security number and the amount you’d like to deposit and submit the form. Validate the transaction with the PIN sent to you and the amount will reflect in your casino account shortly.

Making withdrawals: Unfortunately, this payment platform does not support withdrawals. You will have to do that on another platform.

sms voucher casino payment 2021

Pros and Cons of SMS Voucher Casinos in 2022


Security: You don’t have to provide your financial/personal information to the online casino as it acts as a buffer between your private information and the casino.

Speed: Payments with this medium are instant, meaning you can get on with playing your favorite casino games ASAP.

Limits that encourage prudence: The maximum limit of the service is 2,500 SEK. This means you can monitor/limit your spending and there’s little risk of getting carried away after a bad betting day.


It doesn’t support withdrawals: Unfortunately, the service does not support withdrawals. This means you will have to find another platform to use when you’d like to withdraw your winnings which is an inconvenience.

Limited reach: The payment platform still has a limited reach, only available in a handful of countries, excluding many online casino punters who do not live in those countries.

Limits: While the limits can be an advantage for some people, it is a disadvantage for high rollers as the funds might be too little for them to place the high-stakes bets they like so much.

Fees and Limit

SMS Voucher doesn’t charge a fee but the online casino might. After the period of validity of the card has expired after a year, you will be charged €2.50 per month. There isn’t a minimum but there’s a maximum of 2.500 SEK per voucher and if you exhaust that, you’ll need to get another voucher.

FAQ for SMS Voucher Casinos

How fast are SMS Voucher transactions?

They are very fast and reflect in your online casino account almost immediately.

Can I make withdrawals with it?

No you cannot. To do that, you will have to find an alternative.

Will I be charged any extra fees?

No, you will not be charged extra fees. The only extra charges you will incur are the ones charged if you let the voucher expire. There is a redemption fee of €20 if the voucher expires and a monthly fee of €2.50 for every month the voucher is left unused after a year.

Can I make transactions in dollars?

No you cannot. There are only three currencies available; the Euro, the Swedish kronor and the Norwegian krone.

Where can I use SMS Voucher?

You can use the service in mostly Sweden, Norway and a couple of other European countries and not much else.

Is SMS Voucher better suited for high rollers or casual players?

The maximum limit on the platform is just 2,500 SEK which means it’s better suited for casual players.

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