The Golden Owl of Athena – Slot Review

The Golden Owl of Athena

golden owl of athena
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The Golden Owl of Athena Features

  • Beautiful Betsoft graphics
  • Greek mythology at its best
  • Fun extra games

The Golden Owl of Athena Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : Betsoft

There are thousands of different slot games that you can try playing. Many of them are good and many of them aren’t. But different people will give you different opinions on what games are good. Personal preferences play a big role in this. That being said, you could read reviews on various slot games. This will give you an insight into what a particular game is like. You will then be able to determine whether you want to play this game. So, today you will learn about The Golden Owl of Athena. This is a game by Betsoft.

Briefly about the Gameplay

Chances are that you have played slots by now. Or at least you have seen someone else playing them. In this sense, you have already played The Golden Owl of Athena. It’s standard run of the mill slot game. You will need to place a bet and then hit the “spin” button. And then the game plays itself out and it gives you a winning or a losing combination. There are 10 different pay lines and their number is fixed. You won’t be able to bet on more or fewer pay lines. But you will be able to change the size of your bet, depending on how you feel. There are some unique features though and you will find out more about them below.

The main symbol and its unique properties

Every slot game has to have something unique about it. This will make the game itself more inviting to players due to its originality. Well, there are a few unique features that you can look forward to in The Golden Owl of Athena. First of all, there is the golden owl symbol, the namesake of the game. This is a special symbol that you can benefit from. First of all, it’s wild. This means that it takes the place of all other symbols for a winning combination.

betsoft golden owl athenaIt’s also a scatter symbol in the sense that you can get a bonus by using it. Many of the slot games feature scatter symbols that will take you to a bonus game. But things are much more straightforward in this case. You will get a direct cash prize if you hit three or more golden owls on the reels.

Finally, the most important unique feature is that the golden owl will give you free spins. For three owls, you get 8 free spins. For 4 owls, you will get 12 free spins. Finally, for 5 owls, you will get incredible 20 free spins. And as you may imagine, this is quite the opportunity to make some money.

Other symbols worth mentioning

You will find that there are other symbols in the game as well. Some of these symbols are the card numbers – these are symbols of lowest value. Then there are military helms, trees, spears, vases and, the most powerful symbol after the owl – Athena herself. Depending on the combinations that you make and on the size of your bet, you will get a variable sum of money as a prize.

Theme, graphics and music of The Golden Owl of Athena

The theme is what helps the slot games differentiate themselves from the competition. That being said, the theme of this game is Ancient Greece and its mythology. A special focus is placed on the goddess Athena and her golden owl. If you’re fascinated by the Greek mythology like we are, then you will like this part about the game. But we still feel that Betsoft could have done something more in order to use the theme more properly. Greek mythology is a fascinating field and Betsoft could definitely add some fascinating visuals. They could even add some bonus games that feature the golden owl of Athena.

The music is serene while it’s in “standby” mode. And the standby mode is active when you’re not actually playing the game. Once you begin playing the game then a more active music will start to play. The music is nothing special – but it still gives the game an additional level of charm that people tend to enjoy.

Finally, there is not much to say about the graphics of the game. Sure, the symbols have their uniqueness and they are properly drawn. And the background is also charming and inviting. However, there aren’t any excessive visual effects and videos that you can watch. Some people don’t really care much for these things. They just want to play a fun slot game. But some other people would prefer to play a visual masterpiece. If you’re in the latter category of people, then we suggest you look elsewhere.

The double or nothing feature

There is one additional feature in this game that we’d like to share. This is the double or nothing feature. What it gives you is the opportunity to gamble with your winnings. Every time you win something, you will be able to play this side-game. And the rules are simple – you pick either heads or tails. If you win, then you double your wins up and you progress to the next round where you can double up again. If you lose, then you lose all your winnings. So, you need to be extra careful with playing this game as it’s only for the hardcore gamblers.

The Golden Owl of Athena by Betsoft – In conclusion

In short, The Golden Owl of Athena is a good game. Chance are that you will like it as the basics are well done. Also, the Greek mythology will serve to captivate your attention as a player. Not to say the least, you can also win up to 20 free spins if you’re lucky enough. And the scatter symbol can win you additional cash prizes. That being said, we suggest that you play this game and see for yourself. Perhaps you will like it. Betsoft’s games are some of the best in the market. This company prides itself on producing high-quality iGaming software. Thousands of people play their games on a daily basis. So, be sure to check The Golden Owl of Athena out.

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