Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot Review

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slot

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Features

  • Snow White is the focus
  • Nice upbeat music
  • The Fairy Surprise feature

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slot
  • Software : NetEnt

In a nod to fairytale princesses, Net Ent released Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror in September 2018. It follows two previous fairytale themed games by Net Ent. This game concludes the journey of some of the most famous fairytale characters. Snow White is the focus of the game.

A Magical Experience

Everything about this game screams magical experience. The background scene of the game depicts a forest with rolling hills and a modest blue sky. The reels are filled with theme appropriate symbols adorned with fairy dust. Its upbeat music and cheerful fairy keep players company while they are spinning the reels. Combined with 3D graphics, it makes for a visually appealing game.

Soothing Symbols

netent mirror mirror slotPlayers will see symbols on the reels such as gems, a lantern, snow white, a queen and a coveted gold chest. The game’s logo is its highest paying symbol.

In addition, Snow White stands off to the left of the reels and watches all the action.

Bonuses Fit For A Fairytale

Though most symbols can appear on any reel, there is one exception. The mirror is a special symbol confined to reel three. Anytime that it lands on the reels, re-spins are played. The queen or princess symbol is featured on the reels during this bonus. These symbols remain on the reels until re-spins are completed.

The mirror has its own bonus, which may be triggered randomly. This happens when there is no winning combination, but the bonus symbol lands on the first and third reels.

It is also triggered when the bonus symbols land on the first, third and fifth reels.

Players will find the mirror mirror bonus has mini-games. They are the mining bonus, coin win and free spins. In the mining bonus, each mine a player crushes gets them points. A coin win gives players a prize equal to 15 times the amount of their last bet. All it takes is one mirror on the reels to trigger 10 free spins. This is when the re-spins describe above come into play.

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slotThere are two other bonus features in the game. One is the Fairy Magic Spin feature. In this feature, some of the mid value symbols appear on the reels. Anywhere from five to seven of them will be given to players for a single spin.

The other bonus feature is the Fairy Surprise feature. This is when a mid-value symbol is used on the reels. Each time the bonus is triggered, a random symbol appears. Other symbols then adopt the value of the randomly chosen symbol. The bonus allows players to get winning combinations every time.

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror – Final Thoughts

Since virtually everyone knows the story of Snow White, Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror has universal appeal. Net Ent has outdone itself by providing players with a trilogy of fairytale themed games. Only time will tell if Net Ent continues to create games with such commonly loved themes. It can only benefit players around the world if Net Ent continues this trend.

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