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Prepaid card platforms such as CashU have quickly become popular among players for the ease and reliability they bring to making transactions as well as the attention to detail and extensive security features they use to keep sensitive user data secure. The Dubai based payment platform is popular with Middle East and Northern African users as it allows users to combine two payment methods (CashU combines the use of an e-wallet and a prepaid card service when you fund your online casino transactions). Below you will find a list of casinos that accept Cashu casinos in 2022 .

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There are different factors for users to consider before choosing a payment platform such as how easily you can navigate the site, how to secure the site is against hackers and data leaks, if the service is available in your location and if you’re allowed to make transactions in your preferred currency. All these factors and more will be addressed in this review and by the end of the article, you will know all about Cashu and will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you should make your online casino transactions with Cashu.

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How to play at online casinos with Cashu

Overview – Cashu

Widely considered to be the first FinTech company in the Middle East, CashU was launched by the Jabbar Internet Group in 2002 as an alternative payment service to the use of credit cards and to meet the countless e-commerce needs in the region. The fledgling company quickly gained the trust of the over 7,000 online stores and 2.5 million consumers in the Middle Eastern region and in no time, had expanded to North Africa. The territory of Middle Eastern and North African countries came to be known as the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

By 2012, CashU had already begun to shift its vision to financial inclusion and cashless societies (like those in Finland and China) and in 2013,they launched a company called PAYFORT, a new payment gateway to actualize their vision. By 2016, CashU was making major moves: first expanding to Singapore and then they partnered with Noor Bank and MasterCard to launch the first prepaid virtual card in the MENA region. The latter deal was what marked their transformation into an official FinTech as they were finally given legal approval to operate as a FinTech by the UAE Central Bank.

Why You Should Choose a Cashu Casino 2022

Due to the busy lives people lead these days, many more people use their mobile devices to do more things they’d usually have done on a PC before and tech companies around the world have keyed into that trend. You can now buy, sell, and generally make transactions on the go with ease and the online casino industry has benefited from this as every payment platform provides payment services for mobile devices. The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a part in the increase in popularity of companies like CashU as the transmission mode of the virus means many people now actively avoid crowded spaces like casinos.

CashU was originally launched as an alternative means of payment for MENA users and has since spread to other regions. One of the biggest reasons why punters value it is that it gives users who either don’t have a bank account or have one and prefer not to use it the ability to make casino payments without connecting the bank to the online casino directly. The payment service is also very fast and secure, confirming payments almost instantaneously.

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Select Cashu as deposit method among the payment providers
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Cashu Website – Screenshot of the homepage

How Cashu Works

First, you’ll need to obtain a virtual credit card so you follow these steps:

1.     Visit the official website to open a CashU account and fill in the appropriate form by following the prompts.

2.     If you meet all the criteria, a virtual credit card will be issued to you along with the details.

3.     After receiving the credit card, you can fund it at a nearby vendor, you are ready to fund your casino account with CashU

Deposits and Withdrawal on Cashu Casinos

Deposits: Login to your online casino account after verifying that it supports CashU payments, navigate to the cashier section and click on the CashU icon. On the page you’re redirected to, enter the amount you’d like to deposit, hit “send” and you will be redirected to the CashU page, login to your CashU account to complete the transaction.

Withdrawals: Unfortunately, this option is not available yet as CashU does not support withdrawals.

Pros and Cons of Cashu Casinos in 2022


Security and privacy: Many online punters don’t like to link their banks directly to online casino accounts, that is where a platform like CashU comes in, acting as a buffer between both platforms, the service allows users to make secure and fast transactions while keeping any casino-related bills away from bank statements.

Convenience: The platform is very straightforward, making it easy to navigate. Also, you can leave your funds on the debit card until you’re ready to use it. This is in stark contrast to a platform like Inovapay that charges a fee when you go a certain period without using the funds in the wallet.


Withdrawals: The platform does not offer the option of making withdrawals which makes it an inconvenience for users who will have to find an alternative platform to withdraw their funds with.

Accessibility: It’s not as easy to locate online casinos that support CashU payments outside the MENA region, meaning users outside that region will have to find an alternative payment platform to use with their online casinos.

Fees and Limit

There is a minimum of €250 per month for deposits with a basic account. For a premium account, you get a minimum of €5000 per day and a maximum limit of €50,000 per month. There are no extra fees charged.

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Cashu FAQs

How safe is CashU?

The service is very secure as they use the latest technology to protect customer data.

Can I withdraw funds with CashU?

No you can’t, this option is not available yet.

What currencies are supported by CashU in 2022 ?

The British Pound, the American dollar, the Saudi Arabian riyal, the Euro and UAE Dirhams.

Can I use CashU at mobile casinos?

Yes, you can.

Where can I use CashU in 2022 ?

You can use the service to make payments in Middle Eastern countries, North Africa, South Africa and Turkey.

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