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  • Red hot chilli theme
  • Slot-focused
  • New release 2019

Overall Rating

AmigoSlots Info

If you want to try the newest things out – then we have a suggestion for you. Of course, our suggestion is only pertinent to online gamblers in terms of online casinos. To that end, we suggest that you check out one of the newest online casinos on the internet. The name of this casinos is AmigoSlots. What does this casino have on offer? Does it offer anything new and exciting? Read this article in order to find out.

Theme of AmigoSlots

Where does the word “amigo” come from? If you’re an international person, then you definitely know that this is a Mexican word. And it’s translated to the word “friend”. To that end, the entire website has that overall Mexican feel. Now, there are many people that are fans of the Mexican culture. And there are many people that are indifferent. We believe that these two categories of people will enjoy the website’s distinctively Mexican feel. But alas, there are people that really tend to dislike the Mexican culture, for whatever reason. We don’t really suggest them to use this casino.

To be fair, the theme is not that dramatically to the Mexican tune. Sure, there are some Mexican-looking hats and the background looks like Mexico. But the theme does not leave an overly dramatic impression in terms of its looks.

amigo slots casino review

What we really don’t like is that the website and casino will nag you to death is you have a tab opened with this casino. If you scroll away – you will get the nagging buzzer notification. “Hey! Come Back” continues to flash on the tab headline. It’s really bothersome and it will really make you want to shut down the website completely.

The games available at Amigo Slots

Sure, the name of the casino suggests that the slots are the most important part of the casino. And this is really the case. There aren’t any other gambling games aside from the slots and a couple of bingos. If you want to play games like roulette, blackjack, or baccarat – then you should look for another casino. And the worst thing about all this is that there aren’t many slots, to begin with.

Sure, you will be treated to some classics like Rainbow Riches and StarBurst. But the fact remains that there are online casinos that offer hundreds of slot games. And this is not the exception to the rule – it’s rather the norm. So, Amigo Slots only has a mediocre selection of 42 slot games in total. As we’ve mentioned – there are fun and classic games here. But the overall list is rather poor in terms of size.

In conclusion

We really can’t say that the standard online casino players will enjoy playing on AmigoSlots Casino. There are some slot games that can make you have fun. And if you’re a fan of the Mexican theme, you will enjoy the design. But the fact is that there are many other online casinos that have a lot better lists of games available.

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